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Reasons For TSC Disqualifying Applicants In Teachers’ Recruitment Exercise

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Reasons For TSC Disqualifying Applicants In Teachers’ Recruitment Exercise

When it comes to the recruitment process, the Teachers Service Commission (TSC) has established certain criteria, and candidates failing to meet these may face disqualification. Here, we delve into various reasons outlined by TSC that could lead to the exclusion of applicants from the recruitment process.

1. Forgery

The most common reason for disqualification during a recruitment process is applicants presenting forged documents. The university listed on the certificate is contacted to confirm the authenticity of the degree.

2. Teachers Who Are Deregistered

Teachers who have been deregistered, most likely due to dismissal from service or professional misconduct, are also disqualified during interviews.

Learn more about the Teachers Service Commission (TSC). Interdiction requires offenses and evidence.

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3. Possession of Two TSC Numbers

During the recruitment process, teachers with two TSC numbers are also disqualified. Having two TSC numbers is the result of applying for a second TSC number after being deregistered due to professional misconduct.

4. Failure to Meet Minimum Requirements

Applicants who do not meet the minimum recruitment threshold are also disqualified during the interview or selection process.

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For TSC hiring, applicants must attain a minimum KCSE grade of C+ and score at least C+ in both teaching subjects. Bridging requires a C (plain) in the teaching subject at A-level.

More information can be found at: New TSC Guidelines and Requirements for Teacher Registration, Academic and Professional Requirements; Teacher Certificate

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5. Unrecognized Institutions’ Certificates

Applicants with certificates from unrecognized institutions will also be disqualified during the TSC recruitment process.

A good example is a Kyambogo University Grade III teacher (Uganda). KNEC does not accept the Grade III certificates issued by Kyambogo University.

7. Failure to Declare Previous Employment

It is always important to remember that TSC requires applicants to state whether or not they have previously worked for the commission. If no one indicates, he or she is disqualified.

7. You Lack Teaching Exposure

Teachers who do not attend their teaching practice after completing the enhancement program will be disqualified during the interview process.

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8. Not on the Graduation List

If an applicant’s name does not appear on the graduation list, he or she will be disqualified. As a result, evidence of being on the graduation list must be presented.

9. Certificates with Different Names

All names appearing on certificates must be consistent. If different names appear on the applicant’s certificate, he or she will be disqualified. To justify the name change, the teacher must submit a deed poll.

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Reasons For TSC Disqualifying Applicants In Teachers’ Recruitment Exercise

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