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TSC Teachers Recruitment Selection Criteria and Panel

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TSC Teachers Recruitment Selection Criteria and Panel

The TSC recruitment panel, comprising experienced education professionals and administrators, plays a crucial role in assessing candidates during the selection process.

The panel uses a systematic approach to evaluate applicants, considering factors such as subject knowledge, teaching methodologies, and interpersonal skills. This thorough assessment guarantees that only the most qualified individuals are entrusted with the responsibility of shaping the minds of the next generation.

TSC Interns Recruitment Guidelines for Post-Primary Institutions Teacher

Aspiring teachers undergo a rigorous selection process overseen by the TSC panel, emphasizing fairness, transparency, and meritocracy. The recruitment criteria and panel contribute to the TSC’s commitment to maintaining high standards in the teaching profession, ultimately ensuring the delivery of quality education in Kenyan schools.

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TSC Teachers Recruitment Selection

Applicants are required to appear in person before the selection committee. The selection committee must assign a score to each candidate based on the TSC scoring criteria. A sign language interpreter shall be permitted to accompany a candidate with a hearing and/or speech disability.

The TSC Sub-County Director shall provide the selection panel with a list of all applicants who have been shortlisted by the TSC County Director.

The selection committee will only interview candidates who satisfy the requirements.

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The TSC Sub-County Director must note any inconsistencies, adhere to the guidelines, and direct the applicants’ selection committee and the Commission accordingly.

Selection Panel for Schools without BOMs

TSC County Director/RepresentativeChairperson
Head of the InstitutionSecretary
Subject SpecialistMember
PA ChairpersonMember
PA MemberMember

Selection Panel for Junior Secondary Schools.

TSC Sub County Human Resource OfficerSecretary
TSC Sub County DirectorChairperson
Curriculum Support Officer/Subject SpecialistMember

N/B: 7he TSC Sub-County Director shall ensure that the Selection Panel is well-sensitized to conduct the interview within the COVID-19 containment measures as set by the Ministry of Health or any other pandemic as may be advised by the Ministry of Health from time to time.

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The TSC Regional Directors shall:

  • Ensure guidelines are adhered to within their regions.
  • Coordinate the teacher recruitment process within their respective regions.
  • Sensitize County Directors and oversee the sensitization of other officers including.
  • members of the Selection panels involved in the process.
  • Ratify the Merit Lists for use during recruitment.
  • Shall undertake measures to resolve complaints arising from the process within their regions.

Eligibility Criteria:

To be eligible for recruitment, candidates must fulfill the following minimum requirements:

1. Citizenship: Be a Kenyan citizen – This criterion underscores the commitment to having individuals deeply rooted in the national context, understanding the cultural nuances and educational landscape of Kenya.

TSC Teachers Recruitment Selection Criteria and
TSC Teachers Recruitment Selection Criteria and Panel

2. TSC Registration: Must be a registered teacher with the Teachers Service Commission – TSC emphasizes the importance of candidates being officially recognized and authorized to practice as teachers. This registration ensures that candidates adhere to professional standards and ethics.

3. Educational Qualifications: Must be a holder of a P1 certificate in the case of primary schools and a minimum of a Diploma in Education in the case of secondary schools – Educational qualifications form the bedrock of teacher eligibility. A P1 certificate for primary school teachers and a Diploma in Education for secondary school teachers are deemed essential to equip educators with the necessary pedagogical skills.

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Key Guidelines:

Online Applications:

Manual applications will not be considered – Reflecting the modernization of recruitment processes, TSC emphasizes the submission of online applications, streamlining the application process and ensuring efficiency.

Adherence to Recruitment Guidelines:

The Commission’s Recruitment Guidelines for the recruitment of Teacher Interns 2023/2024 Financial Year (Post Primary Institutions) shall apply – Ensuring consistency and fairness, these guidelines provide a standardized framework for the recruitment process.

Presentation of Original Documents:

Shortlisted candidates will be required to present original academic and professional certificates – Verifying the authenticity of academic and professional qualifications ensures the selection of candidates with the requisite credentials.

Merit-Based Selection:

Selection of Candidates will strictly be on merit and based on the number of vacancies per County – Prioritizing meritocracy ensures that the most qualified candidates are selected, contributing to the overall quality of education.

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Eligibility Criteria:

Applicants who were previously employed by the Teachers Service Commission on permanent and pensionable and those who have served under TSC internship programme are not eligible – This criterion aims to provide opportunities to new entrants, fostering diversity and fresh perspectives in the teaching profession.

Multiple Applications:

An applicant is allowed to apply in two schools where appropriate vacancies have been declared – Offering flexibility, this guideline allows candidates to explore multiple opportunities, aligning with their preferences and skills.

One Offer of Internship Engagement:

Successful candidates must not take more than one Offer of Internship Engagement. Taking two or more offers of internship engagement will lead to disqualification – Promoting transparency and fairness, this guideline prevents individuals from holding multiple offers, ensuring equitable distribution of opportunities.

Personal Accident Insurance:

In prioritizing the safety and well-being of its interns, the Teachers Service Commission (TSC) mandates successful applicants to obtain Personal Accident Insurance. This requirement is integral to TSC’s commitment to safeguarding its workforce during the internship period.


Verification/Interview Requirements:

a) During verification/interviews, applicants shall be required to produce the following:

i) A copy of Teacher Registration Certificate/print-out from TSC online portal as evidence of registration as a teacher;

ii) A copy of National Council for Persons with Disability (NCPWD) card (where applicable);

iii) A copy of the National Identity Card (ID) or Passport;

iv) Two (2) colour passport size photographs; v) A copy of National Health Insurance Fund (NHIF) card;

vi) A copy of Kenya Revenue Authority Personal Identification Number (KRA PIN).

Free Recruitment Exercise:

  • CAUTION: The recruitment exercise is free of charge. – Emphasizing fairness, TSC affirms that the recruitment process does not involve any fees. Applicants should exercise caution and remain vigilant against individuals or entities attempting to exploit them financially.

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Guarding Against Fraudsters:

  • The Teachers Service Commission forewarns applicants against fraudsters who might extort money – Acknowledging the presence of fraudulent activities, TSC alerts applicants to be vigilant and cautious throughout the recruitment period.

Reporting Fraudulent Activity:

  • REPORTING OF FRAUD: Applicants should promptly report any fraudulent activity to the nearest TSC office or Teachers Service Commission headquarters. The Teachers Service Commission actively encourages applicants to take swift action in reporting any suspicious activities they encounter during the recruitment process.

Contact Channels for Reporting:

  • Through the following telephone lines:
    • Director Staffing (0202892193)
    • Deputy Director- Staffing (0202892131) – Ensuring accessibility, TSC provides specific contact numbers for reporting fraud, enabling a swift response to any reported incidents.

Email Reporting:

  • Applicants can also write to the Commission through the email address [email protected] – Facilitating electronic communication, TSC invites applicants to report fraudulent activities via email, ensuring a comprehensive and documented record of reported incidents.

Involvement of Law Enforcement:

  • Furthermore, TSC urges applicants to actively report any such fraudulent activity to the nearest police station, acknowledging the severity of fraudulent actions and emphasizing the importance of involving law enforcement agencies in reporting and investigating such activities.

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Access to Vacancy Details:

  • Details on available vacancies per county and school are available on the Teachers Service Commission’s website: – To enhance transparency, TSC directs applicants to its official website for accurate and up-to-date information on available vacancies.

The TSC Recruitment Selection Criteria and Panel play a crucial role in identifying and appointing the most qualified candidates. It ensures optimal contribution to the growth and development of the education sector.

By upholding stringent criteria and utilizing expert panels, TSC ensures that the teaching workforce remains competent, dedicated, and capable of delivering quality education to the students of Kenya.


TSC Teachers Recruitment Selection Criteria and Panel

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