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Challenges Faced by Non-Local Teachers in North Eastern Kenya

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Challenges Faced by Non-Local Teachers in North Eastern Kenya

Non-local teachers in North Eastern Kenya have been confronted with numerous challenges stemming from insecurity issues in the region.

The challenges faced by non-local teachers not only affect the educators but also have consequences for students’ education and well-being.

The region has experienced multiple teacher crises over the years, resulting in further instability in the education sector.

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Here are some of the key challenges they face:

Threats and Insecurity:

Teachers stationed in North Eastern Kenya have expressed genuine fear for their safety due to the presence of Al-Shabaab and hostility from local communities.

The insecurity and fear have made it impossible for them to return to their workstations.

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The teachers have been demanding transfers to safer zones, where they can work without constant fear for their lives. They emphasize the need for a suitable working environment.

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The Interior Cabinet Secretary made a suggestion that local communities’ incitement contributes to the insecurity that non-local teachers experience.

While the government has considered temporary pooling of non-local teachers in one area for their protection, it has not yet addressed the broader issues surrounding the security and well-being of non-local teachers.

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Compromised Livelihoods and Economic Hardships

The teachers have cited the high costs and logistical challenges of returning to their workstations, including police escorts and long distances. These factors have further compromised their ability to resume teaching.

Mental Health Concerns/Psychological Impact

Insecurity and threats have taken a toll on the mental health of non-local teachers. The constant fear and exposure to danger have had a significant psychological impact on these educators.

Many have expressed concerns about the psychological impact of working in such conditions.

Severe Shortage of Teachers

North Eastern region, especially Mandera County, already face a severe shortage of teachers. The loss of non-local teachers exacerbates this issue, affecting students’ access to quality education.

Educationists highlight the inadequacy of classrooms and an international teacher-to-learner ratio well above recommendations.

Previous incidents of attacks and teacher fatalities have led to a mass exodus of teachers, particularly non-locals. These incidents have created an ongoing teacher crisis in the region.

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Lack of Suitable Replacements

The TSC has declined to transfer these teachers, citing the lack of suitable replacements. This refusal has left the affected teachers in a precarious situation.

Challenges Faced by Non-Local Teachers in North Eastern Kenya
Challenges Faced by Non-Local Teachers in North Eastern Kenya

Delayed Transfers and TSC Frustration

Teachers have demanded transfers to safer areas, but they claim that TSC officials responsible for facilitating these transfers have ignored their pleas. Despite having written to the commission, they have not received a response.

Non-local teachers who sought transfers due to insecurity have been interdicted by the Teachers Service Commission (TSC) on grounds of desertion of duty. This action has had severe consequences for these teachers.

The affected teachers accuse the TSC of failing to address their concerns and listen to their requests. This lack of response has exacerbated the situation.

They are also petitioning parliament to intervene on their behalf after TSC interdicted them for failing to report to their working station.

The TSC outlined a 7-point appeal process for the interdicted teachers, which some teachers find unsatisfactory. They are dissatisfied with this complex appeal process, adding to their grievances.

Stretched Facilities: Infrastructure and Resources

Schools in the region already have stretched infrastructure, including limited water sources, inadequate sanitation facilities, and overcrowded classrooms and dormitories.

Teacher Deployment: TSC’s Decisions and Criticisms

The Teachers Service Commission (TSC) has faced criticism for refusing to post teachers to the North Eastern region and withdrawing those who were already serving there.

Challenges Faced by Non-Local Teachers in North Eastern Kenya

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