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How TSC Breaks a Tie During Post Primary Intern Recruitment Interviews

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How TSC Breaks a Tie During Post Primary Intern Recruitment Interviews

The Teacher Service Commission (TSC) in its quest to ensure fair and transparent selection processes during interviews has established a specific protocol to handle situations where a tie occurs. 

In cases where two or more applicants have similar scores or qualifications, the TSC employs a set of criteria to break the tie and determine the most suitable candidate for the position. 

This article delves into the TSC’s methodology for breaking ties during interviews.

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a) Preference for Applicants from Respective Sub-Counties and Counties. 

When faced with a tie between candidates, the TSC prioritizes applicants from the respective sub-counties and counties. 

This approach ensures that the selection process is inclusive and aims to distribute opportunities fairly across regions. 

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By giving preference to applicants from the same sub-county or county where the vacancy is located, the TSC promotes local representation and community engagement within the education sector.

b) Length of stay since Graduation 

In the event that the tie cannot be resolved based on sub-county or county preferences, the TSC considers the length of stay since graduation. 

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This criterion rewards candidates who stayed for a longer duration after completing their studies. 

c) Quality of Academic and Professional Credentials 

Another crucial factor considered by the TSC when breaking a tie is the quality of academic and professional credentials presented by the applicants. 

This criterion includes an assessment of the candidate’s educational qualifications, certifications, and other relevant achievements. 

By prioritizing applicants with strong academic and professional backgrounds, the TSC aims to select candidates who demonstrate a high level of competence and expertise in their respective fields.

Exclusion of Previous Participants in Teacher Internship Programs or Commission Work

To ensure a fair selection process, the TSC disqualifies applicants who have previously participated in a teacher internship program or worked for the Commission. 

This criterion prevents individuals who have already had opportunities within the TSC system from gaining an unfair advantage in subsequent interviews. 

By implementing this exclusion, the TSC encourages equal opportunities for all eligible candidates, irrespective of their prior engagement with the Commission.

How TSC Breaks a Tie During Post Primary Teachers Intern Recruitment Interviews

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