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7 Tribes Bag Nearly All New TSC Teaching Jobs

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7 Tribes Bag Nearly All New TSC Teaching Jobs

7 Tribes Bag Nearly All New TSC Teaching Jobs

In a recent audit conducted by the Teachers Service Commission (TSC), it was revealed that seven communities dominated the allocation of teaching jobs, receiving nearly 90 percent of the 20,990 positions awarded.

The Kalenjin, Luhya, Kikuyu, Kamba, Luo, Kisii, and Meru communities were identified as the major beneficiaries of these new teaching opportunities.

Out of the total teaching positions, the aforementioned communities secured a staggering 18,580 jobs, equivalent to 88.5 percent of the available positions.

The Kalenjin community alone claimed 4,040 slots, while the Luhya community obtained 3,187 positions.

The Kikuyu community secured 2,913 positions, followed by the Luo community with 2,576.

The Kisii and Meru communities also obtained a significant number of slots, with 1,737 and 1,220 positions respectively.

However, the smaller communities were not as fortunate, with some communities not receiving a single teaching position.

This uneven distribution of job opportunities raised concerns about the fairness and inclusivity of the recruitment process.

During a hearing before the Senate Committee on National Cohesion and Regional Integration, TSC Chief Executive Nancy Macharia disclosed that individuals with disabilities were allocated 229 teaching positions.

The overall recruitment by TSC encompassed a total of 36,000 teachers, but the report specifically focused on the 20,990 teachers who had already been added to the payroll.

The report further highlighted the distribution of teaching jobs among various communities. The Mijikenda community received 500 positions, while the Maasai community secured 461.

The Pokot, Taita Taveta, Teso, and Kuria communities obtained 312, 232, 105, and 108 slots respectively.

Several other communities, such as Samburu, Turkana, Tharaka, Somali, Boran Gabra, Mbeere, Pokomo, Bajun, Kenyan Arab, Ogaden, Elmolo, Dorobo, Rendille, Oromo, and Sakuye, received varying numbers of teaching positions.

The Senate committee emphasized the need for a transparent and equal distribution of teachers across all counties to ensure representation for all communities.

In response, Dr. Macharia defended the distribution strategy, explaining that teachers were assigned based on the availability of classes in each sub-county.

She reiterated that the government policy aimed to assign a teacher to each junior secondary class, and the vacancies were announced accordingly.

Dr. Macharia acknowledged the shortage of teachers in the country, citing a deficit of 111,870 teachers, with 47,329 required for primary schools and 64,541 for secondary schools.

Addressing this shortage would necessitate a budget of Sh74 billion. To address the issue, the TSC plans to employ an additional 20,000 teachers in the upcoming financial year.

The distribution of employment patterns among teachers has been a topic of concern, with some communities feeling disadvantaged.

However, Dr. Macharia emphasized that the TSC has been striving to achieve equal distribution, taking into account factors such as budgetary provisions, demand and supply, and existing establishment.

The commission has also advocated for increased budgetary allocation to recruit more teachers, engage intern teachers, and hire teachers on contractual terms in arid and semi-arid areas.

Regarding gender parity, the TSC reported that out of the 36,000 recruited teachers, 15,552 were women, accounting for 43 percent of the total, while 20,448 were men.

The age range of the newly employed teachers varied from 21 to 56, with the majority being 28 years old.

As the education sector in Kenya continues to grapple with teacher shortages and concerns of equitable distribution, it is crucial for the government, TSC, and other relevant stakeholders to address these issues effectively.

A fair and inclusive distribution of teaching jobs is essential to provide quality education to all students, regardless of their communities or backgrounds.

7 Tribes Bag Nearly All New TSC Teaching Jobs

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