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ECDE Teacher Employment, Salary & Requirements

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ECDE Teacher Employment, Salary & Requirements

Early Childhood Development Education (ECDE) teachers play a crucial role in the growth and development of children at the pre-primary level.

Their responsibility is to create an environment conducive for children to feel comfortable and secure and to positively influence toddlers’ physical, intellectual, and emotional growth.

The teachers play an essential role in molding the children for a better future. In Kenya, the county governments are responsible for employing ECDE teachers.

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The only exception is the registration of teachers, which is the sole responsibility of the Teachers Service Commission (TSC).

TSC has created a comprehensive service scheme for the newly hired ECDE teachers posted in public schools. The Salaries and Remuneration Commission (SRC) establishes a precise pay scale for ECDE teachers based on their education level and experience.

ECDE Teacher Salary

Unfortunately, most counties have not harmonized the salaries of ECDE teachers, which means that the wage an ECDE teacher earns depends mainly on the county’s remuneration formula.

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Some counties pay ECDE teachers between Sh.10,000 and Sh.20,000 per month, while others pay less than Sh.10,000.

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ECDE teachers with a minimum of a certificate in the field can be hired as Assistant ECDE Teacher III, with a starting salary range between Ksh7,836 and Ksh8,717.

Those with a diploma in ECDE and 15 years of experience can earn between Ksh15,224 and Ksh19,064 as a Senior ECDE Teacher I.

The highest job group in ECDE is Job Group R, and ECDE teachers can advance to this level by furthering their education and exhibiting strong leadership skills.

The ongoing reforms in the education sector have also made it possible for TSC to hire ECDE teachers.

In 2014, the Kenya National Union of Teachers (KNUT) went to court to protest the actions of the county governments in directly employing ECDE teachers.

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After a two-year legal battle, the court ruled in favor of the county governments and ordered TSC to register all ECDE teachers. As a result, ECDE teachers will now be employed on a permanent and pensionable basis.

The salaries of ECDE teachers also vary depending on the country’s remuneration formula, and the registration requirements vary depending on the level of education.

By offering competitive salaries and career progression opportunities, the government hopes to attract more qualified and motivated individuals to pursue a career in ECDE and contribute to the sector’s development.

To see the ECDE teacher salary per county, click here: Updated ECDE Teachers Salary in Kenya

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ECDE teacher academic Requirements

To become an ECDE teacher, one can study at various colleges and universities offering certificate, diploma, and degree programs in ECDE.

However, each institution specifies particular prerequisites that one must fulfill before admitting candidates.

The county-level TSC registration for ECDE teachers has varying requirements based on the level of education.

For those seeking registration as an ECDE teacher with a degree, a mean grade of C+ and above is also necessary.

For a diploma, the mean grade must be C+ for the university diploma and C-plain for the KCSE and ECDE certificates from the Kenya National Examination Council (KNEC).

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The minimum mean grade required for those with a certificate is D (plain) and above at KCSE, with a KNEC proficiency certificate and ECDE certificate from KNEC.

The minimum requirements for those with a CPE/KCPE are a mean grade of D+ and above at KCSE and an ECDE certificate from KNEC.

This initiative by the government to employ ECDE teachers on permanent and pensionable terms will also increase the motivation and performance of the teachers, leading to better service delivery in the ECDE sector.


ECDE Teacher Employment, Salary & Requirements

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