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26 Bachelor’s Degree Courses Banned by TSC

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26 Bachelor’s Degree Courses Banned by TSC

The Teachers Service Commission (TSC) has proclaimed that it will register teachers who train in subjects not in their current curriculum.

“Applicants for registration whose training is in subjects that are currently NOT in the curriculum do not qualify irrespective of having undertaken a Post Graduate Diploma in Education (PGDE) and Enhancement,” read part of the guidelines for registration of new teachers.

“Those who have undertaken a PGDE with these courses are NOT eligible for registration asĀ teachers.

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“These courses do not provide sufficient subject content, and therefore, the mastery of the content in two teaching subjects is not adequate as required,” reads the guidelines.

However, the commission explains that those with a bachelor of Science or Arts Degree, a post-graduate Diploma in Education (PGDE), and two teaching subjects are qualified for registration.

26 Bachelor Of Science And Arts Degree Teaching Courses banned by TSC

1. Natural resources

2. Meteorology

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3. Forestry

4. Animal husbandry

5. Horticulture

6. Farm machinery

7. Fisheries

8. Anthropology

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9. Sociology

10 Theology/Divinity

11. Journalism

12. Kiswahili and Communication

13. Business Management/Administration

14. Banking and Finance

15. Genomics

16. Actuarial science

17. Environmental science

18. Criminology

19. Biotechnology

20. All courses related to engineering

21. Industrial chemistry

22. Biochemistry

23. Hospitality and tourism

24. Foods, nutrition, and dietetics

25. Technology and applied biology

26. Microbiology

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Applicants with Economics/Commerce/Accounting degrees can apply for Business Studies.

Diploma Teachers with English/other subjects are eligible for employment as English/Literature teachers if they have adequate units in both Language and Literature.

Except for Agriculture, Business Studies, Home Science, and Computer Studies, all applicants must have studied the two teaching subjects at KCSE.

For those who did not study Business Studies and Computer Studies, a minimum of C+ (Plus) in Mathematics at KCSE is required.

For those who did not study Agriculture and Home Science, a minimum of C+ in Biology at KCSE is required.

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Graduate Teachers must have completed at least eight (8) course units in each teaching subject. Furthermore, the teachers must have studied Special Methods in their two teaching subjects of choice and a minimum of three (3) months of teaching experience.

Applicants who present enhancement certificate(s)/official transcripts in teaching subject(s) from recognized institutions are eligible for employment if they received a C+ (Plus) in the enhanced issue at KCSE.

Furthermore, proof of taking units on the subject’s teaching methods throughout the undergraduate course is required.

Applicants who have previously worked under contract and had their services terminated due to insufficient units in teaching subjects and have since obtained enhancement certificates with adequate units are eligible to apply.

Kenya Sign Language (KSL) and Braille are taught as subjects in Special Needs Education, for example, Biology/KSL and Geography/Braille.

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26 Bachelor’s Degree Courses Banned by TSC

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