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TSC Employment & Registration Status Online; How To Check

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TSC Employment & Registration Status Online; How To Check

An Act of Parliament created the Teachers Service Commission (TSC) in July 1967 to address the disparities in pay for teachers looking for government employment.

The TSC has played a crucial role in ensuring that the recruitment process for teachers is professional, efficient, and fair. The commission operates in Nairobi with branch offices in all the counties in Kenya.

To work as a teacher in any public or private institution in Kenya, a person must hold a certificate of registration from the TSC. The commission requires all qualified teachers to meet specific requirements, including having a registration certificate.

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The registration certificate is issued within 30 days of meeting the requirements and bears a unique TSC number. The TSC publishes the names of all registered teachers every year.

To apply for TSC registration, individuals must first register with the TSC online system. This involves filling in personal and educational details, uploading supporting documents, and paying a non-refundable fee of Ksh 1,060.

Some required supporting documents include:

  • Academic and professional certificates.
  • A bank slip.
  • A passport-size photo.
  • A KRA pin.
  • A certificate of good conduct.
  • A national identity card.
  • A GP69 form.
  • A work permit for non-Kenyans.

In case of a lost certificate, an individual can apply for a duplicate certificate by paying a fee of Ksh 2,060.

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The TSC also advertises promotion vacancies for teachers from time to time. The online system allows individuals to apply for the post they qualify for and track their recruitment status through every stage.

After applying, individuals can check if they have been shortlisted by accessing the TSC online system.

How To Check TSC Employment & Registration Status Online

Candidates interested in these positions must complete the application form with accurate details and submit it online. The TSC online portal provides candidates easy access to all job application-related services from start to finish.

It is crucial to note that TSC does not accept manual applications or any form of payment when applying for a job.

To check your TSC employment status, you must follow a few simple steps. 

  • Firstly, visit the TSC online portal on a device with internet access. A laptop or desktop computer is recommended. 
  • Secondly, select ‘Registration Status’ from the available options in the window. 
  • Next, enter your ID card or passport number and click ‘Search.’ 
  • Finally, you will receive confirmation of your application status.
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The status of the TSC registration number can change over time, and a verified TSC status indicates that the commission has reviewed and approved your job application.

Other possible statuses include “In progress,” which indicates that the commission has received your application but has not yet processed it, and “Registered,” which indicates that your application has received approval.

Your TSC number is indicated on the portal, ‘Reset,’ which means there is an error in your application that needs to be corrected; ‘Incomplete,’ which means that your application is not complete or has not been submitted; and ‘Rejected’, which means that you do not qualify for registration as a qualified teacher.

The TSC may reject your application in some extremely rare circumstances. This can happen for several reasons, including a history of mental illness, questionable moral character, a criminal record with the Criminal Investigation Department, engaging in prejudicial activities against the constitution of Kenya, or lack of required academic and professional qualifications.

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Members of the TSC need to be aware of these reasons to ensure their applications are accepted. The TSC provides an online platform for members to check their employment status, making it easier and more convenient.

Most of the TSC’s employment and job application processes are done online, and it is recommended to have a deeper understanding of the TSC’s online services.

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TSC Employment & Registration Status Online; How To Check

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