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How And When TSC Can Transfer a Teacher

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How And When TSC Can Transfer a Teacher

How And When TSC Can Transfer a Teacher.

Teachers can be transferred from one station to another by the Teachers Service Commission TSC. 

The transfer can take place at the request of a teacher or at the request of TSC.

If TSC initiates the transfer, you will be eligible for the TSC transfer allowance. Details on how to complete the form can be found here.

The transfer allowance is an allowance designed to help teachers adjust to their new stations. 

It is given to teachers who have been transferred outside of their sub-counties.

The transfer allowance is equal to the teacher’s basic salary for one month.

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The Commission, on the other hand, has the authority to transfer a teacher at its discretion. 

A teacher who wishes to be considered for transfer should:

Filling out a transfer application form through the institution’s head. 

Transfer forms are available at TSC offices throughout the country or can be downloaded from the TSC website.

The head of an institution should send completed application forms to the TSC or its agents.

The TSC County Director will handle transfers for primary school teachers within the county.

TSC headquarters will handle transfers outside of the county. Transfer applications for tertiary institutions are processed at the TSC headquarters.

Transfer requests submitted to the Commission will be promptly acknowledged. 

The Appointment Board’s decision will be communicated to the teacher later. Transfers will be granted if a vacancy and a replacement are available.


The Teachers Service Commission, TSC, has the authority to transfer a teacher from one teaching station institution to another based on the following criteria:

– Availability of a teaching vacancy in the proposed station

– The need for equitable distribution and optimal utilization of teachers

– The need for replacement of existing staffing norms, which may be reviewed from time to time

– Medical grounds, as certified by a registered medical practitioner

– Any other grounds that the TSC deems necessary to justify the transfer

A teacher may be transferred in the following situations:

1 . Following a study leave: A teacher granted a study leave of more than six months must apply to the Commission for posting at least thirty days before the study leave expires.

2 . Following a leave of absence granted to spouses of diplomats: A spouse of a person serving in a diplomatic mission or service must apply to the commission for posting one month before the end of the assignment.

3 . Following a disciplinary action such as interdiction or suspension for a period of no more than six months without payment of salaries and allowances.

4 . Following a transfer of service to the public service commission: If a person applies for a transfer of service from the public service commission to the TSC, the TSC may approve the transfer subject to the availability of a vacancy.

5 . After leaving a trade union such as the Kenya National Union of Teachers, KNUT, or the Kenya Union of Post Primary Education Teachers, KUPPET.

6 . Following a substantive appointment: A teacher who is promoted and substantively appointed will be redeployed/transferred to another station, depending on the availability of substantive positions such as headship, Deputy headship, and Senior Masters.

7 . After submitting an application to the commission for a medical transfer with supporting documentation.

8 . When working conditions are hostile and endanger the teacher’s health and safety.

9 . If the equitable distribution and optimal utilization of teachers are required.

10 . On the basis of a reasonable and tenable swoop request to the TSC.

Transfer of Service

A teacher who is hired by the Public Service Commission will have his or her previous service with the Commission transferred to the new Ministry.

Such a teacher must apply for transfer of service, enclosing the appointment letter, acceptance of offer letter, and TSC clearance certificate.


The Commission will then:

– Transfer of Service documents should be processed.

– Submit documents to the appropriate ministry/department.

How And When TSC Can Transfer a Teacher

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