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TSC Medical Claims Form for Teachers; How to Fill

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TSC Medical Claims Form for Teachers; How to Fill

Teachers play a pivotal role in shaping the future of a nation, and their well-being is of utmost importance.

Recognizing this, the Teachers Service Commission (TSC) of Kenya has introduced a revised Medical Claim Form for Teachers. This article delves into the details of this form, emphasizing its significance in ensuring teachers’ health and financial security.

Teacher’s Particulars

In this section, teachers are required to provide their essential details. This includes their name, the school where they teach, their address, their salary per month, and their TSC number.

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The form also allows teachers to claim medical expenses for themselves, their spouse, and their children. This provision acknowledges the importance of family health.

Pay-Point Particulars

Here, teachers can select how they wish to receive their payments for medical claims.

They can opt for bank transfers, providing their bank details, or choose to receive payments through the District Education Officer.

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This flexibility ensures convenience for teachers, making the process smoother.

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For Married Women Only

This section is designed for female teachers who are married. It requires them to confirm that their husbands are not teachers or public servants but are either self-employed or not employed.

This distinction is crucial as it determines the eligibility of the medical claim.

For Claimant

This part involves a certification process where teachers confirm that the claimed amount corresponds to the attached receipts, invoices, or statements.

This step adds transparency to the process, ensuring that claims are legitimate.

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For Principal/Headmaster/Headmistress

The school’s principal or head teacher plays a crucial role in endorsing the claim. Their signature and rubber stamp signify that the claimant is a current teacher at the institution.

This step helps prevent fraudulent claims.

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The District Education Officer certifies that the claimant is an active teacher within their jurisdiction.

This validation ensures that only eligible teachers receive the medical claims they request.


The form outlines several essential notes to guide teachers in completing the claims process efficiently:

  • All cash receipts need to be genuine, sealed by the hospital, and stamped.

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  • Additionally, the hospital must seal and stamp invoices or statements of account, which also need to include information about NHIF rebates and admission and discharge dates.
  • Cash sale receipts from chemists must bear the hospital’s stamp where the prescription originated.
  • For claims regarding spouses, appropriate documentation like marriage certificates, affidavits, or letters from local chiefs should be attached.

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TSC Medical Claims Form for Teachers; How to Fill

  • Birth certificates or birth notifications are necessary for claims related to children.
  • For self-claims, teachers need to provide a sick sheet or sick leave documentation, particularly incase of admission more than 14 consecutive days.
  • To substantiate the claim, teachers must attach their latest pay slip.

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TSC Medical Claims Form for Teachers; How to Fill

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