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TSC Study Leave Form: Application Guidelines and Process

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TSC Study Leave Form: Application Guidelines and Process

Are you a teacher looking to pursue further education and need study leave? The Teachers Service Commission (TSC) has provided instructions for applicants seeking study leave.

In this article, we will guide you through the application process, from filling out the form to the important deadlines you need to meet.


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Teachers often seek study leave to further their education, and the TSC has outlined specific requirements and procedures to facilitate this. It’s important to follow these guidelines carefully to ensure a smooth application process.

Application Form

To apply for study leave, you need to complete the TSC’s application form, which can be obtained from your school’s headteacher or downloaded from the TSC website (www.tsc.go.ke).

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This form is to be filled out in triplicate: the original is sent to the Commission, the duplicate is for your headteacher, and the triplicate goes to the TSC County Director.

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Timing Is Crucial

Your application for study leave should be submitted to the TSC Headquarters at least 90 days before your studies commence. This timeline is critical, so plan accordingly to avoid any delays.

Supporting Documents

Your application must be accompanied by a copy of your admission letter from the University/College where you intend to study. Additionally, if you are applying for a Three (3) months Research leave, you should attach the following documents:

  1. Initial admission letter.
  2. Coursework completion letter.
  3. Transcripts for units completed.

Ensure you have these documents ready when submitting your application.

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Approval Before Departure

It is essential to note that you should not leave your duty station before receiving written approval from the Commission regarding your study leave. Leaving without approval can result in disciplinary action.

Return on Time

When your study leave ends, you are expected to report for duty on or before the specified date. Punctuality is crucial to maintain a smooth transition from your studies back to your teaching role.

Extension or Changes

If you need to extend your study leave or make changes to your course or institution, you must submit your request at least thirty (30) days in advance. Properly communicate these changes to avoid complications.

The Role of Your Headteacher and County Director

Your headteacher plays a crucial role in your study leave application. They will confirm the number of teachers from your school currently on study leave and either recommend or not recommend your application. If not recommended, valid reasons must be provided.

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For teachers in primary institutions, the staffing officer should confirm that the number of teachers on study leave does not exceed 2% of the district’s teacher population.

For post-primary institutions, the TSC County Director will assess your application and make recommendations accordingly.

TSC Study Leave Form: PDF Download

Final Thoughts

Study leave is a valuable opportunity for teachers to enhance their skills and knowledge. By following these guidelines and the TSC’s application process, you can navigate this process smoothly and make the most of your study leave experience.

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TSC Study Leave Form: Application Guidelines and Process

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