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Best B+ Courses In Kenya

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Best B+ Courses In Kenya

For individuals with a B+ grade, numerous program options await at Kenya’s leading institutions. However, selecting the right courses is crucial to avoid potential challenges in the future job market.

Researching current employment trends is advised to make informed decisions about pursuing degrees that align with the evolving needs of the Kenyan job market.

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In 2024, B+ students have a diverse array of highly recommended degree options to consider. Here are some top choices:

Medicine and Surgery

Pursuing this field, which typically takes around 7 years to complete, is a testament to one’s passion and determination. Graduates can explore opportunities in both the government and private sectors, and there’s even the possibility of establishing a private hospital. Admission requirements include a B+ average in Biology, Physics/Mathematics, English/Kiswahili, and Chemistry.


With a constant demand for pharmacists in the growing number of hospitals, the Pharmacy program is highly marketable. Graduates may also opt for self-employment by establishing their own pharmacies. Kenyatta University offers an excellent program, and the entry requirements include a B- in Biology, Chemistry, Physics/Mathematics, and English/Kiswahili.


Architects play a crucial role in designing impressive structures, ensuring a steady demand for their skills. The entry requirements include a C+ in Mathematics/Physics/Biology, History/Geography/CRE/Islamic Religious Education/HRE, Chemistry, and Home Science/Art and Design/Agriculture/Aviation-Technology/Computer Studies.

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Mechanical Engineering

This program, available at reputable institutions like the University of Nairobi and JKUAT, equips candidates with knowledge of working with machines. Graduates can find opportunities in various industries, from manufacturing to automobile manufacturing. The entry requirements include a C+ in math, chemistry, and physics, along with a minimum of C+ in any other subjects in groups 2, 3, 4, and 5.

Telecommunications and Information Engineering

As telecommunications companies expand in the country, graduates from this program are well-placed to secure lucrative positions. Requirements for admission include C+ grades in Physics, Mathematics, Chemistry, and English/Kiswahili, along with a C+ in any of the groups 2, 3, 4, or 5.


Geomatics, an applied science crucial for land surveying and subdivision, is another promising field. Requirements for admission include a C+ in math, chemistry, and physics, with a minimum of a C+ in any other technical subject.

BSc. Electrical and Electronic Engineering

Graduates in this field find opportunities in top companies like KPLC, KenGen, and more. The entry requirements include a C+ in math, English/Kiswahili/Physics, and a C+ in any technical subject.

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Mechatronics, focusing on mechanical and electrical systems with computer applications, is essential in our automated world. Graduates are in high demand across various industries. Admission requirements include a C+ in math, chemistry, and physics, along with a C+ in any of the following groups: II, III, IV, and V.

Actuarial Science

This challenging course assesses financial and insurance risks using statistical and mathematical methods. Actuaries are in high demand, and experienced fellows can earn substantial incomes. Admission requirements include a C+ in mathematics and a C+ in English.

BSc. Control and Instrumentation

This program, bridging the gap between engineering and physics, is challenging but highly marketable. Control and Instrumentation experts are sought after by companies for maintaining and designing control processes. Entry requirements include a C+ for Physics, Chemistry, and a C– in Mathematics.

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Choosing the right course is crucial for a successful career, and these recommendations aim to guide B+ students towards promising and rewarding opportunities in 2024.

Best B+ Courses In Kenya

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