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TSC Travelling Expenses Form (PDF); All You Need to Know

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TSC Travelling Expenses Form (PDF); All You Need to Know

The Teachers Service Commission (TSC) facilitates its employees’ professional development and duties.

To streamline the process of claiming travel expenses, TSC has provided a Travel Expenses Claim Form.

In this article, we’ll walk you through the essential details of this form and the associated guidelines.

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Understanding the Travel Expenses Claim Form:

The Traveling Expenses Claim Form is a crucial tool for TSC employees who incur expenses while on official duty.

It helps individuals seek reimbursement for these expenses, ensuring they are in compliance with TSC regulations (Chapter 11, Paragraph 6-8).

Key Details to Include:

  1. Personal Information: Begin by filling in your name, TSC number, institution, grade, paypoint, and account number.
  2. Details of the Journey: Provide a comprehensive account of your trip. This includes the date of the journey, the purpose of the trip, and any hotel expenses incurred. Be sure to specify the distance covered.
  3. Expense Breakdown: Clearly list all expenses incurred during the journey, including hotel costs, meals, and any other relevant expenses. Ensure that you attach all necessary receipts and invoices as evidence of your claims.
  4. Claim Certification: Sign and date the form to certify that your expenses are in accordance with TSC regulations.

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Head of Institution’s Approval:

To ensure the validity of your claim, the form must also be signed and dated by the Head of the institution where you are employed.

Additional Notes:

  1. Vehicle Usage: If you used your own vehicle, indicate the distance covered and provide the vehicle’s capacity and registration details. Attach a copy of the logbook for verification.
  2. Hired Vehicles: If you hired a vehicle, make sure to attach an authority letter from the TSC Agent. This authorization should precede the vehicle’s hiring.
  3. Head Teachers’ Claims: Head teachers should have their claims forwarded by either the Primary Education Officer (PEO) or District Education Officer (DEO).
  4. Submission Deadline: Claims should be submitted within a three-month period from the date of the journey.
  5. Interviews: In cases of interviews, attach two copies of the interview invitation letter along with your claim.

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TSC Travelling Expenses Form (PDF Download)

TSC Travelling Expenses Form (PDF); All You Need to Know

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