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Students Urged to Report Universities Demanding 7% Admission Fees

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Students Urged to Report Universities Demanding 7% Admission Fees

Students have been urged to report universities that require them to pay seven percent of their tuition in order to be admitted.

This is due to the fact that on Wednesday, members of parliament demanded to know why some universities were rejecting students who had not paid their fees, despite the fact that a circular instructed the institutions to accept students regardless of whether they had paid their fees.

Higher Education PS Beatrice Inyangala stated, during a meeting with university Vice Chancellors, that they denied sending any student away from school or making demands prior to admission.

Inyangala reported that after receiving complaints about students facing rejections, they initiated direct communication with all vice chancellors.

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In a meeting held on September 8, 2023, the vice-chancellors collectively asserted that they had not rejected any students or requested any fees beyond accommodation charges.

He emphasized the invitation for students who could provide evidence of being asked to pay the seven percent fee to visit his office. He assured that, upon reviewing the evidence, he would promptly engage with the Vice Chancellors.

In a circular sent to universities and colleges on August 24, Education CS Ezekiel Machogu instructed all institutions in the nation to admit 2022 KCSE students pending the processing of their funding applications.

Machogu stated that no student should be sent home for failing to pay school fees, and that funds will be made available to support students.

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During the meeting, HELB’s chief executive officer, Charles Ringera, confirmed that funds have not yet been released to the institutions.

He did not indicate when the funds would be disbursed.

Ringera mentioned that they are currently in the process of pursuing funds from the Ministry and Treasury. At present, no funds have been disbursed to universities, including those for continuing students and new admissions.

According to the P.S., the government has released an increased capitation to the institutions so that they can accommodate continuing students.

In general, the capitation comes from the government, but not from the Sh30 billion allocated to HELB in the 2023–24 budget.

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Inyangala explained that the universities have asked for increased three-month capitation to maintain their operations while the funds for first-year students are being processed.

They are in constant communication with vice chancellors and providing them with support during this period.

MPs urged the Ministry to expedite the distribution of funds to the institutions, since it is difficult for them to operate without funds.

Students Urged to Report Universities Demanding 7% Admission Fees

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