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Non-Local Teachers in North Eastern Petition MPs for Transfers Amid TSC Inquiries

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Non-Local Teachers in North Eastern Petition MPs for Transfers Amid TSC Inquiries

After the Teachers Service Commission (TSC) demanded an explanation for their failure to resume duty at their stations, non-local teachers in the North Eastern region sought the intervention of the National Assembly.

The primary and secondary school teachers from the counties of Mandera, Wajir, and Garissa have been in Nairobi for three weeks, citing insecurity as their reason for seeking transfers.

TSC had previously informed them in writing that their transfer would be impossible due to a lack of eligible replacements. In addition, it instructed them to return to their workstations by September 7th.

TSC acknowledged the request for transfer out of the North Eastern region. However, they regretted the request due to the unavailability of a suitable replacement.

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The individual was directed to report to their workstation by Thursday, September 7th, 2023. TSC also mentioned that failure to comply with this directive would result in disciplinary action being initiated against the individual.

Police officers dispersed the teachers who had camped at the TSC headquarters for the past two weeks.

The teachers informed the National Assembly’s Education Committee that non-local teachers currently teaching in the counties of Mandera, Wajir, and Garissa were facing insecurity.

They expressed deep concern over the region’s security situation, describing it as extremely dire.

This concern stemmed from a series of frequent Al-Shabaab attacks, notably the one that occurred on July 14, 2023, at Wargadud police station, which tragically resulted in the loss of one teacher’s life.

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Since June, the improvised explosive devices that have been installed on the roads reportedly killed several police officers and halted

transportation. They added that they had raised concerns with education and security stakeholders prior to the Wargadud attack, but were threatened.

In their letter, they stated that authorities had disregarded their concerns, labeling them as incitement and an effort to secure transfers.

They further explained that, due to the security challenges they faced, some non-local teachers had resorted to paying National Police Reservists for security services during both nighttime hours and while they were in the classroom.

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The teachers informed the Julius Melly-chaired committee that outside teachers have repeatedly requested transfers out of the area but have received no response.

They also expressed concern that the TSC would withdraw them from the payroll and interdict them.

The non-local teachers are appealing to your office for assistance in relocating from the region.

They emphasized their unwillingness to risk their lives in the face of Al-Shabaab threats and attacks.

Furthermore, they declared their willingness to resume their teaching duties, but only in regions where they can ensure safety and security.

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Collins Oyuu, the general secretary of the Kenya National Union of Teachers, has pledged to intervene and is seeking to meet with TSC this week.

The union leader stated that they were not concerned about the show cause letters. They expressed their intention to address this matter directly with the Teachers’ Service Commission (TSC).

They emphasized that it was the responsibility of the TSC to issue show cause letters as part of their duty, and they expected the TSC to fulfill that duty.

At the same time, the union leader affirmed their commitment to fulfilling their duty by actively working to resolve the issue of these show cause letters.

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According to him, the government should devise a plan for employing local instructors from the North Eastern region.

Mr. Oyuu emphasized that the North Eastern region had consistently experienced a lack of peace, and it was unrealistic to expect sudden and lasting tranquility in the area.

He proposed the development of a strategy for employing local individuals in the Northeast as a potential solution.

Oyuu pointed out that when one’s life is constantly under threat, it becomes impossible to effectively carry out their duties, and it is counterproductive to have teachers who are essentially unable to function in the classroom due to safety concerns.

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He stated that security threats in the region are genuine and that the government should not take chances with Kenyan lives.

Non-Local Teachers in North Eastern Petition MPs for Transfers Amid TSC Inquiries

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