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MKU Rwanda Attains Full-Fledged University Accreditation

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MKU Rwanda Attains Full-Fledged University Accreditation

Mount Kigali University, which began as a campus of Mount Kenya University in Rwanda, is on the path to determining its own destiny in Rwanda after being granted access to the levers of power.

Established in 2010, the university has successfully ascended the ranks and received full accreditation to operate as Mount Kigali University in April of this year.

Upon receiving the instruments in Kigali, Rwanda, Vice Chancellor Dr. Martin Kimemia referred to the new initiative as a watershed moment for higher education in the country.

The vice chancellor stated that over the years, the university has become a hub for efforts to provide a nurturing environment for students, and that it has one of the most advanced infrastructures for curricular and extracurricular activities in Rwanda.

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According to him, the institution is in the process of constructing a hotel that will serve as a regional center of excellence and provide students from the School of Hospitality and Tourism Management with practical training.

In addition, he stated that the university will shortly open a University Medical Centre where faculty, students, alumni, and the general public can receive medical care.

He stated that they had invested approximately 200 million Rwandan Francs (equivalent to KSh20 million) in purchasing dental equipment, as part of their preparations for the launch of Dentistry courses.

Prof. Simon Gicharu, University Board Chairman and Founder, described the accomplishment as a landmark in the region’s education sector.

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Graduates will now commemorate their academic achievements in Rwanda in the presence of their parents, guardians, friends, and siblings, rather than having to travel to Thika, the main campus of Mount Kenya University.

The instruments include a mace, which typically leads the Chancellor’s Procession during commencement ceremonies, and a seal, which is the university’s official signature.

Its official documents and statutes will govern Mount Kigali University, serving as the foundation of the institution.

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MKU Rwanda Attains Full-Fledged University Accreditation

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