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Teacher Transfer of Service (TSC to PSC); What You Should Know

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Teacher Transfer of Service (TSC to PSC); What You Should Know

When the Public Service Commission extends an employment offer to a teacher, it is frequently a time of excitement and change.

Moving from one ministry to another can be a significant step in a teacher’s career, and it’s essential to understand the process of transferring past service with the Commission to the new ministry.

The Transfer of Service Process

Upon receiving a job offer from the Public Service Commission (PSC), a teacher has the opportunity to embark on a new chapter in their professional journey.

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However, this transition also involves the transfer of past service records and employment histories. Here’s a step-by-step guide to the process:

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1. Apply for Transfer of Service

Once a teacher accepts the job offer, the first step is to apply for a Transfer of Service.

This application is a formal request to move one’s employment history and records from the Commission to the new ministry. The application typically involves attaching the following documents:

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  • Appointment Letter: A copy of the appointment letter received from the Public Service Commission.
  • Acceptance of Offer Letter: A signed copy of the acceptance letter confirming the teacher’s willingness to join the new ministry.

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  • TSC Clearance Certificate: A clearance certificate issued by the Teachers’ Service Commission (TSC), that ensures that there are no pending issues or obligations with the Commission.

2. Processing by the Public Service Commission

Once the teacher submits their application for the Transfer of Service, the Public Service Commission takes over.

The PSC reviews the application and verifies the provided documents. This step ensures that all necessary paperwork is in order and that there are no outstanding issues with the teacher’s past service.

3. Submission to the Relevant Ministry/Department

After the PSC has processed the Transfer of Service documents, they are submitted to the relevant ministry or department where the teacher will be employed.

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This marks the official transfer of the teacher’s service history to the new workplace.

Teacher Transfer of Service (TSC to PSC); What You Should Know

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