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KCSE Police Officer Killed, Centre Manager Escapes Alive

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KCSE Police Officer Killed, Centre Manager Escapes Alive

On Monday morning, a police officer was fatally shot while accompanying KCSE exam papers to Mahero Secondary School in Alego Usonga, Siaya County.

Unidentified assailants brandishing crude weapons ambushed the officer, his associate, and the center manager.

As the center manager fled for safety, one of the officers was fatally wounded, and the attackers injured the other. The criminals stole the firearms of the officers before fleeing.

Upon the officer’s arrival, security personnel quickly took him to the Siaya County Referral Hospital for treatment. The body of the deceased individual was transferred to the mortuary of the hospital.

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Elsewhere, Kabarak University students took to the streets on Sunday to voice their discontent following the death of a student in a collision involving a police van.

Students and law enforcement have identified the deceased as Kabarak University first-year pharmacy student Joshua Plimo.

At the Menengai Police Station, the incident was documented under OB no. 02/19/11/2023.

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As per eyewitness testimonies, the operator of the vehicle, purportedly a police van sporting government registration plates, lost control before colliding with the student after narrowly avoiding an obstacle.

A tragedy transpired on Saturday evening at approximately 9:00 p.m. along the Nakuru-Ravine highway.

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A few minutes after being rushed to the school’s sanatorium, the student was pronounced deceased.

“The student attempted to avoid the speeding vehicle, but it was too late. “The vehicle struck him with great force,” a witness stated.

It has been reported that the motorist hastily fled the location of the collision.

Officers from the OCPD-led Mang’u Police Station responded to the accident site and vowed to conduct an investigation.

The OCPD expressed gratitude to the students for their efforts to maintain order and confirmed the seizure of the alleged vehicle. Further investigations are currently underway.

The leader of the students’ organization, Kabarak University Students Organization (KUSO), expressed sincere condolences to the family on their behalf and vowed that this matter would not go unnoticed in a statement.

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Menengai Police Station is investigating the matter under OB No. 02/19/11/2023. KUSO, in its statement, underscores the utmost importance of student safety and commits to ensuring justice for the fallen brother and friend. Additionally, the remains of the student were conveyed to the mortuary at Nakuru Level 5 Hospital.

KCSE Police Officer Killed, Centre Manager Escapes Alive

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