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Govt Ask Teachers to Upgrade Education Level and Conform To CBC Reforms

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Govt Ask Teachers to Upgrade Education Level and Conform To CBC Reforms

To comply with the competency-based curriculum that the Education Ministry is implementing, all teachers in the country must graduate to the diploma level.

Dr. Salome Maina, Director of Teacher Education in the Ministry of Education, addressed a graduation ceremony at the International Teaching and Training Centre (ITTC) in Isinya, Kajiado East Sub County. She urged all teachers who obtained certificates in Primary Teacher Education (PTE) and Early Childhood Education (ECDE) to upgrade to diplomas to comply with the new education reforms.

Dr. Maina stated that, due to the competency-based curriculum (CBC) and the reforms implemented at the Education Ministry, it is required that all teachers currently instructing be at the diploma level. He emphasized that practicing teachers must undergo upgrading to align with the new education system.

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Dr. Maina urged those graduating with ECDE and PTE qualifications to enroll in the one-year upgrading course to attain a diploma. She observed that the implementation of technical and soft skills competencies demonstrates the need for an exceptionally adaptable workforce in the twenty-first century.

Dr. Maina emphasized that today’s teachers must possess abilities to remain locally and globally competitive. He highlighted that training needs to extend beyond the traditional role of imparting knowledge, skills, and attitude. The government’s adoption of the CBC in teacher training colleges is based on the expectation of meeting these evolving requirements.

As a country, there is a commitment to producing a 21st-century teacher with the necessary teaching skills and a willingness to adapt to learner-centered approaches. These approaches emphasize nurturing each learner’s potential and addressing societal needs. The expectation is for teachers to inspire learners and engage with them in a friendly manner through effective communication and creating an enabling learning environment.

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The director stated that the Kenyan government acknowledges the vital role that private educational institutions play in providing opportunities for learning on the condition that they offer a high-quality curriculum and adhere to expected standards.

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Dr. Maina elaborated that all educators must undergo the following procedures:

  • Register with the Teachers’ Service Commission (TSC).
  • Acquaint themselves with the ongoing education reforms.
  • Obtain legal and policy documents about education, which are readily available on the TSC and Ministry of Education websites.

Asserting the right to education for every Kenyan, the director declared the government’s commitment to guaranteeing equal learning opportunities for all citizens. He emphasized ongoing investments in primary education and called on all Kenyans to actively participate in ensuring gender equality in education at all levels for both boys and girls.

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William Aketch, chairman of the ITTC Board of Management, implored educators to fulfill their responsibility to protect the nation’s fabric with diligence and honor since they are the ones who shape its future. Aketch further stated that educators must do so with integrity, professionalism, honesty, and honor.

In addition to numerous TVET programs, over 1,200 students have earned degrees in Teacher Education, Primary Teacher Education, and Early Childhood Development Education.

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Govt Ask Teachers to Upgrade Education Level and Conform To CBC Reforms

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