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Govt To Deliver National Examinations Using Helicopters

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Govt To Deliver National Examinations Using Helicopters

The government has announced elaborate plans to deploy air support to areas that the impending El Nio rains may affect during the November national exams.

This year, approximately 3.5 million children will sit for national examinations, including 1.4 million for the Kenya Certificate of Primary Education (KCPE), 1.2 million for the Kenya Primary School Education Assessment (KPSEA), and 900,000 for the Kenya Certificate of Secondary Education Examinations (KCSE).

According to the Kenya Meteorological Department (KMD), El Nio is frequently associated with excessive rainfall and flooding in East Africa during the months of October, November, and December (OND).

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During a meeting with education officers from the coastal region at Shimo la Tewa High School in Mombasa, Dr. Belio Kipsang, the Principal Secretary for the State Department of Basic Education, announced that he and other government officials, including regional and county commissioners, were actively mapping out areas susceptible to rain-related disruptions.

Dr. Kipsang explained that the government was employing a strategy of unified delivery, working in conjunction with diverse stakeholders in the education and security sectors to guarantee comprehensive preparedness.

PS Kipsang stated that they were preparing for exams in anticipation of the El Niño rains.

He stated that they intend to identify potential flood zones and develop plans to ensure the prompt arrival of exams and invigilators at the exam centers.

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Furthermore, he added that they were collaborating to mobilize all available government equipment, such as helicopters from various agencies like the police, military, forestry service, and KWS, to provide assistance during the examinations.

Regional Commissioners, with assistance from County Commissioners and their Deputies, will direct the mapping as part of the administrative structure of the national government.

Dr. Kipsang reaffirmed the government’s commitment and readiness to administer the examinations. He reassured candidates that the government has taken precautions to ensure that the anticipated rains will not interfere with their exams.

He stated that they had examined the conditions, and the prediction of El Niño rains exceeded 90 percent.

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He emphasized the scientific accuracy of these predictions and expressed the intention not to disregard the forthcoming weather event.

Furthermore, Kipsang emphasized that ignoring this information, considering the warning about the impending challenge, would be unjust.

In insecurity-prone areas, such as Lamu County, the government has implemented security measures throughout the entire examination period, according to the spokesperson.

Dr. Kipsang stated that the security teams have provided assurance to the ministry that they have mapped out the exam areas and will ensure the safety of the students.

“Our colleagues in the security sector have given us this assurance,” he stated.

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Govt To Deliver National Examinations Using Helicopters

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