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Ministry Warns School Heads Against Remedial Programs

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Ministry Warns School Heads Against Remedial Programs

The Education Ministry has warned teachers against mandating remedial classes, citing the illegality of such programs.

Principal Secretary of Basic Education Belio Kipsang expressed concern that some school heads continue to impose illegal fees on parents to pay teachers who provide remedial instruction.

Kipsang stated that they couldn’t justify the requirement for additional hours in the guise of remedial teaching.

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According to him, the teaching hours mandated by the ministry are adequate for disseminating the skills, competencies, and knowledge that students will need to pass their exams.

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He noted that remedial education and the attendant fees were a burden for parents.

He mentioned that additional charges had caused them to gain a negative reputation associated with remedial teaching.

On September 19, Kipsang spoke at Shimo La Tewa Secondary School in Mombasa during a meeting with field education officials and national government administration officers counterparts from the Coast Region.

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The timing of Kipsang’s warning coincides with the preparation of elementary and secondary institutions for national exams.

On October 30, the Kenya Certificate of Primary Education (KCPE) and Kenya Primary School Education Assessment (KPSEA) examinations will commence.

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Exams for the Kenya Certificate of Secondary Education (KCSE) will commence on November 3 and end on November 24.

Kipsang said the ministry will put measures in place to ensure that examinations in the country remain credible.

Further, he urged educators to regain society’s trust by administering this year’s national examinations with integrity.

He emphasized that as officers deployed to oversee the administration of national examinations, they must ensure that they guard the conduct of the examinations against all sorts of malpractices to enhance the credibility, validity, and reliability of the examinations.

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Ministry Warns School Heads Against Remedial Programs

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