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Govt to set up factories in TVET Institutions

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Govt to set up factories in TVET Institutions

Govt to set up factories in TVET Institutions

The Ministry of Education has disclosed government plans to set up factories in TVET institutions in order to capitalize on the basic materials available in certain institutions.

The action is anticipated to support the continued implementation of competence-based education in the country.

As the sector of TVET develops, the ministry has expressed a desire to forge formidable alliances in order to investigate numerous business opportunities.

Education Cabinet Secretary Ezekiel Machogu stated, in a statement read on his behalf by Principal Secretary Dr Esther Thaara Muoria from the State Department for Technical and Vocational Education and Training, that the government is considering the potential establishment of factories within certain colleges.

According to Machogu, this approach has the potential to be both financially viable for the colleges and offer industrial prospects for training and business.

In a conference organized by the German Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Climate Action and the Delegation of German Industry and Commerce for Eastern Africa, which aimed to showcase German companies and opportunities for partnerships with Kenya, the ministry presented the plan and defined areas for partnership opportunities.

According to the Cabinet secretary, while outlining the government’s long-term plans, it was stated that the aim is to attain complete industrial linkage.

In this scenario, there would be a mutually beneficial relationship between the industry and TVET (Technical and Vocational Education and Training) institutions.

The institutions would primarily focus on offering solutions to industrial challenges, leading the way in industrial research and innovations.

All these efforts would be undertaken in close cooperation with the industry.

The ministry will also seek to accomplish total ICT integration in TVET education, total integration of special needs in training and instruction in TVET, and support for the TVET sector to achieve world-class status, so that it can provide “TVET Tourism” by attracting trainees from all over the world and also become a destination that serves as a benchmark.

The government highlighted partnerships in the provision of housing as a significant opportunity.

According to the ministry, the government’s efforts to expand access to TVET education across the nation have yielded fruit over the past decade, creating a demand for rural housing.

Some of these colleges are located in marginalized regions and have been unable to attract the required number of students.

One reason for this is the dearth of available accommodations. Mr. Machogu stated that this is a prospective area for partnership, utilizing an appropriate framework such as Public Private Partnerships that capitalize on the availability of land and student population in the institutions.

Given the age of some institutions, the development of TVET infrastructure was also described as a significant opportunity. In addition to the installation of modern apparatus, this is also included.

The development of incubation and innovation centers, foreign direct investment for the establishment of new TVET institutions, and digitization were also mentioned as potential partnership areas.

The conference highlighted the advantages of adopting the dual vocation training system in greater detail.

The system promotes practical training on the workplace, with 70% practical training and 30% theoretical training.

According to Dr. Muoria, collaboration with industry will align labor market and training requirements.

She urged the German delegation to invest in the business opportunities aligned with the dual training model, which has achieved tremendous success in “bridging the gap between academia and industry”

Govt to set up factories in TVET Institutions

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