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Tricks Schools Are Using to Beat Machogu’s Fee Directive

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Tricks Schools Are Using to Beat Machogu's Fee Directive

Tricks Schools Are Using to Beat Machogu’s Fee Directive

A parent in Nairobi has expressed concern over what she views as new methods being used by school administrators to charge extra fees ahead of the Junior Secondary School (JSS) transition.

The parent, a businesswoman based in Embakasi, stated that a junior high school her child had been admitted to had imposed registration fees, as well as a list of additional items that she was required to pay for in order to complete the admission process.

The parent reported that the total cost for the additional items, which included a bible, a geometrical set, an encyclopaedia, a ruler, 24 exercise books, story books, and other items, came to Ksh20,000.

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She also mentioned that despite Education Cabinet Secretary Ezekiel Machogu’s directive for the government to provide students with textbooks, the school administration had included several books on the list of required items before admission.

The parent expressed frustration and concern, stating, “I have been told that Ksh20,000 is the admission fee required.

"The school administration told us that we are supposed to meet demands commensurate to those of high school students. We really have a problem because we have to honor what the headteacher says. I don’t know if these children will access education.”

In response, the parent called on the Ministry of Education to intervene and ensure that students are able to enroll in school on Monday, January 30.

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In his speech at the Kenya Institute of Curriculum Development (KICD) headquarters in Nairobi, Cabinet Secretary Machogu announced that the government had set aside Ksh9.6 billion to support JSS students, with each learner set to receive Ksh15,000 per year.

He also clarified that only schools with boarding wings will be allowed to charge fees and that school heads are barred from compelling parents to buy uniforms in school.

He emphasized, “This is the constitutional requirement that basic education, from primary to secondary, be compulsory and free.”

Tricks Schools Are Using to Beat Machogu’s Fee Directive

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