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KNUT to Make Resolutions on ‘Dictatorial’ Policies

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KNUT to Make Resolutions on 'Dictatorial' Policies

KNUT to Make Resolutions on ‘Dictatorial’ Policies.

Today, the Kenya National Union of Teachers (Knut) is anticipated to pass significant resolutions regarding “dictatorial policies” in the education sector.

Other important resolutions will focus on the education charter of the ruling Kenya Kwanza Alliance and the promises it makes to teachers, such as the funding of education, the upgrading of infrastructure, and the demand that the Teachers’ Appeals Tribunal manage teacher discipline.

After the 62nd Kenya National Union of Teachers (Knut) annual delegates conference, which is now taking place in Kisumu, the resolutions will be adopted.

Collins Oyuu, secretary-general of Knut, stated that teachers can anticipate major education reforms when President William Ruto’s government takes shape. He indicated that they will advocate for a review of the education system to incorporate the opinions of stakeholders.

“We will be reviewing some of the policies that have posed danger to the education sector. Most of these policies are dictatorial in nature, were done without proper consultation with stakeholders and are no longer tenable,” said Mr Oyuu.

He added: “We will reflect and come up with proposals and clear strategies for better service delivery to the teachers at all levels as envisioned in the Knut constitution and in our service charter,” said Mr Oyuu.

Other concerns that are anticipated to dominate the conference include the renegotiation of the Collective Bargaining Agreement (CBA) for 2021-2025. 

Reversal of the delocalization policy and the advancement of teachers, which is no longer based on academic credentials but on evaluations will also be addressed.

“We want promotions based on academic qualifications brought back so as to benefit those teachers who invested in the same by taking loans,” said Mr Oyuu.

Regarding the CBA, Mr. Oyuu stated that teachers were unhappy because it lacked monetary benefits. 

According to him, formal discussions with the Teachers Service Commission (TSC) have begun to resolve this issue.

The union leader backed the proposal for a 60% wage increase across the board on the grounds that teachers had not been rewarded for the increase in the cost of living since 2017.

“It is only fair to extrapolate the annual rate of inflation over the six years. This should be one of the resolutions of the delegates,” said Mr Oyuu.

The conference also occurs at a time when teachers are pressuring the union to advocate for people with advanced degrees and diplomas to be promoted to teach in primary schools.

KNUT to Make Resolutions on ‘Dictatorial’ Policies.

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