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Family Wants Mystery Death of Former Principal Uncovered

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Family Wants Mystery Death of Former Principal Uncovered

Family Wants Mystery Death of Former Principal Uncovered.

The family of the former principal of Bosto High School has sought the acting Inspector General of Police, Noor Gabow, for assistance in uncovering the mystery surrounding their relative’s death.

Isaac Wafula Bukhebi’s relatives told the Star at their Cherangany home in Trans Nzoia county that they are dissatisfied with police investigations thus far.

On Friday, the body of the former Bosto High School principal was discovered in the River Nzoia in Bungoma County, after he had been reported missing from his residence.

His family members attribute malice to his death. The decedent went missing around 8:30 pm on September 13th.

Before being assigned to Toro Mainek in the Kiminini Constituency, he served as the Deputy Principal of Bwake Friends Boys High School before being appointed to Principal of Masaba Friends.

The deceased’s parents, Masinde and Phelista Wanakacha, perceive malice in the replacement of their son’s front teeth with false ones.

“My son had a lot of injuries yet someone is telling us that he killed himself. This is not the truth, whoever killed my son must tell me why”, he said.

Wanakacha refuted the idea that her son committed suicide by stating that he was never a combative individual.

"His wife is better placed to shed more light on how her husband left his house with all of his mobile phones having been switched off,” she said amid tears.

She requested that investigators determine the circumstances surrounding the death of her son, whom she described as a pillar who had fallen in his prime.

Naomi Nekesa, the sister of the deceased, stated that it was not true that the deceased committed suicide and urged the authorities not to dismiss vital information from the deceased’s relatives and neighbors.

“Neighbors have information and are willing to share but unfortunately the DCI have only considered information from my brother’s wife. As a family we dispute claims that my brother killed himself by poison,” she explained. 

She also urged the DCI to take the information about the bottle containing poison in the home seriously instead of dismissing the family’s concerns.

“The family managed to alert the police officers of the bottle containing remains of poison but none of those who gave the information have been asked to say what they know,” she said.

“We want to know who gave out my brother’s names at the mortuary,” she added. 


She continued, “We want to know who gave out my brother’s name at the mortuary.”

She encouraged the authorities to investigate her brother’s last WhatsApp and SMS communications with his close friends.

The family stated that the Directorate of Criminal Investigations must proceed swiftly to locate and prosecute those responsible for the horrible murder of their relative.

In an interview with the Star on Monday evening, Trans Nzoia County police commander Jecinta Wesonga stated that an inquest file will be presented to the court to allow anyone, including family members, to give information that will lead to the arrest of those responsible.

Family Wants Mystery Death of Former Principal Uncovered

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