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Western TSC Merit List: July 2022

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Western TSC Merit List: July 2022

Western TSC Merit List: July 2022




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Following the 2013 general election and the implementation of the new constitution, provinces were abolished, and the country was divided into 47 counties.

Because each county has its own government, there is no central regional capital.

Western Province was renamed Western Region, and it now includes four counties: Kakamega, Bungoma, Vihiga, and Busia.

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Kakamega County’s seat of government is in Kakamega town, Bungoma County’s seat is in Bungoma town, Busia County’s Assembly is in Busia, and Vihiga County’s Assembly is in Vihiga town.

All county governments and governors are accountable to the people, not the national government.

Kenya’s Western Region (Swahili: Magharibi), which borders Uganda, is one of the former country’s seven administrative provinces outside of Nairobi.

The physical features of the Western Region range from the hills of northern Bungoma County to the plains bordering Lake Victoria in Busia County.

The peak of Mount Elgon is the highest point in Kenya’s Western Region, while the town of Busia on Lake Victoria is the lowest.

The total population in 1999 was 3,358,776 people living in an area of 8,361 km2, which increased to 4.334 million for the 2009 decennial census.

The climate is primarily tropical, with altitude variations. Most of the year, Kakamega County is hot and humid, while Bungoma County is cooler but just as humid.

The warmest county is Busia, while the coldest is hilly Vihiga. 


CodeCountyFormer ProvinceArea (km2)Population
Census 2009Capital37KakamegaWestern3,033.81,660,651Kakamega38VihigaWestern531.3554,622Vihiga39BungomaWestern2,206.91,375,063Bungoma40BusiaWestern1,628.4743,946BusiaTotals7,400.44,334,202-

Farming is the province’s primary economic activity.

Bungoma County is a sugar country, home to one of the largest sugar factories in the country as well as numerous small-holder sugar mills.

In addition to pearl millet and sorghum, maize is grown for subsistence. Dairy farming, as well as poultry raising, is widely practiced.

There is a small but significant tourist circuit that revolves around the biennial circumcision ceremonies.

Sugar cane is the preferred medium to large-scale crop in Kakamega County, which has a mix of subsistence and cash crop farming.

Western TSC Merit List: July 2022

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