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TSC to Unveil Fate of 36,000 Teacher Promotions This Week

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TSC to Unveil Fate of 36,000 Teacher Promotions This Week

The fate of thousands of teachers who underwent interviews for promotion late last year and in early 2024 will be revealed this week, according to Nancy Macharia, Chief Executive Officer of the Teachers Service Commission.

Last August, the teachers’ employer called for applications for promotion, leading to interviews at the county level in December 2023 and January of this year.

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Over 36,000 vacancies in primary schools, secondary schools, and teacher training colleges were available, offering a potential breakthrough for many educators who have remained in the same job groups for an extended period.

Nancy Macharia confirmed that promotion letters are slated to be dispatched to the teachers starting this week. Successful candidates can anticipate improved salaries as a result of their promotions.

The positions in contention encompassed various roles, such as chief principal, regular secondary school (34), senior principal, regular secondary school (108), principal, regular secondary school (541), deputy principal II, regular secondary school (547), and senior lecturer I (72).

Additional opportunities included deputy principal III, regular secondary school (1,057), senior master III, regular secondary school (1,142), senior lecturer IV, TTC (216), senior master IV, regular secondary school (12,716), secondary teacher I, regular school (1,928), head teacher, regular primary school (1,049), and head teacher SNE primary school (30).

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Furthermore, there were numerous positions available for deputy head teacher II, regular primary school (1,930), senior teacher I, regular primary school (3,040), senior teacher I, SNE primary school (346), senior teacher II regular primary school (10,819), and senior teacher II SNE primary school (700). The comprehensive list of promotions reflects the diversity of opportunities across the education sector.

The Secretary-Generals of the Kenya National Union of Teachers (Knut) and the Kenya Union of Post Primary Education Teachers (Kuppet), Collins Oyuu and Akello Misori, expressed their appreciation for the announcement. However, both leaders emphasized the need for promoting more teachers who are eligible for advancement.

Mr. Misori underscored the long-overdue nature of the promotions, urging a more progressive approach. He noted that teachers had been stagnating for an extended period, emphasizing the importance of substantively appointing those who have been acting in their roles.

Mr. Oyuu highlighted the expectation for the TSC to pay arrears to the promoted teachers for the time they had qualified for promotion but had not been assigned new job grades.

He emphasized the importance of sincerity in the promotion process, ensuring that the number of promoted teachers aligns with the vacancies advertised.

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Furthermore, Mr. Oyuu pointed out historical challenges where the TSC struggled to attract enough applicants for promotional vacancies due to teachers‘ concerns about potential transfers under the delocalization policy.

TSC to Unveil Fate of 36,000 Teacher Promotions This Week

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