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Short Course Earning Kenyan Graduates Ksh300,000

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Short Course Earning Kenyan Graduates Ksh300,000

Due to growing demand in the country and overseas, Kenyan students have been encouraged to enroll in barista and mixologist short courses.

During the inaugural graduation ceremony at Nairobi’s Worthstart Barista and Mixologist Institute, it was claimed that half of the graduates had already landed lucrative employment paying Ksh300,000.

The course typically takes one month to finish, after which students are employed in five-star hotels and cruise ships.

Students are taught how to prepare coffee and many sorts of beverages.

While the course is well-known in South Africa and other parts of the world, it is still a relatively new concept in Kenya.

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Coffee industry stakeholders are now lobbying the government to increase barista and mixologist training funding.

Stakeholders believe this can be accomplished as a new endeavor through a government-private partnership.

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Kenya is expected to be able to match the worldwide demand for professional baristas and mixologists with increased government support.

“Give us more support for this industry we are attempting to establish.” “Help our Kenyans leave the country,” the institution stated.

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Graduands expressed their gratitude for the course, saying they had been looking for work for years before taking the short course.

“Within two years, I hope to be a trainer for students who want to pursue this career path,” one of the students who had already landed a job said.

His colleague, who would also be working outside the nation, expressed confidence that she would be promoted to management within five years.

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Short Course Earning Kenyan Graduates Ksh300,000

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