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Scholarship in Kenya; Best Tips On How To Apply

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Scholarship in Kenya; Best Tips On How To Apply

Scholarship in Kenya; Best Tips On How To Apply
Going to school is a dream shared by the majority of Kenyan students.
It is often devastating for them to realize that their dreams of furthering their education have been cut off due to a lack of funds and the inability to pay their school fees.
However, with education sponsors in Kenya looking for needy and deserving students to support, this does not have to be your reality.
Knowing how to look for a good scholarship could be the key to easily achieving your academic goals.
The key is to be aggressive in your search for a scholarship that meets your criteria.
The Government of Kenya and non-governmental organizations are the two main bodies in Kenya that provide scholarships to students (NGOs).
Keep in mind that the application requirements for these scholarships vary.
In this article, we will provide you with some advice on how to apply for and receive that coveted scholarship.

Common things to look out for when applying for a scholarship in Kenya

– Most scholarships have an application deadline. You should prepare your application and submit it on or before the deadline.
– Almost all scholarships have a set of eligibility requirements for applying. Examine them to see if you meet the requirements. Academic achievement is a common qualification. The requirements for various scholarships differ.
– Filling out forms is required for some scholarships. Make sure you fill out all of the required information so that you can be considered for the scholarship.
– Stories are a good way of attracting scholarships.  Make sure you articulate your story clearly in your statement so that the scholarship giver will consider you.
– Have all of the documents required for the application process on hand. Some scholarships require you to have your result slip, leaving certificate, parents’ ID, and other documents on hand. Before submitting your application, double-check that you have met all of the requirements.
– Finally, be cautious of scholarships that require you to pay a fee. Some of these are extortion schemes designed to defraud unsuspecting people. Before submitting any applications, conduct a thorough background check.
How to apply for a scholarship in Kenya
The best way to find and obtain government sponsorship programs is to:
1. Be on the lookout. 
Throughout the year, you must keep an eye out for new opportunities announced by the government.
Kenya’s government has several programs in place to provide scholarships for Kenyan students at all levels of education, from primary school to university.
You must read newspapers, watch television news, and pay close attention to government educational conferences.
You might want to give the Kenyan Ministry of Education some weight and pay closer attention to their events and activities.
2. Make your application as brief as possible
When applying for a scholarship via email, keep your email as brief as possible.
No one wants to read a lot of information; they will only read your email for a few seconds.
Customize it according to the instructions and only communicate the information that they require in order to decide whether or not to sponsor you.
If you require complete support, make that clear.
3. Be confident
Do not allow interviewers to walk all over you; shyness is not an option.
From the moment you submit an application, you should be convinced that you are qualified to receive it.
If you are given the opportunity to defend your claim, you should feel even more confident. Explain your goals and vision, making sure they are in line with those of the sponsors, and you will win their hearts.
4. Obtain qualified referees
Almost all government sponsorship application forms will require you to provide references.
The process is designed to help you develop your personality. Failure to secure appropriate referees results in automatic disqualification.
As a result, take the time to obtain excellent professional references from your teachers and employers in order to increase your chances of receiving the desired sponsorship.
5. Choose the right company to target
Do not waste your time sending emails and making phone calls to companies that have not communicated their interest in issuing sponsorship or have previously sponsored other students.
Contacting companies that have previously participated in similar programs makes more sense.
You can be confident that they will be interested in your proposal this way.
6. Be creative
Thinking outside the box can help you attract the attention of companies.
By offering something different than other Kenyans seeking sponsorship, such as taking advantage of their goods and services rather than directly requesting funds, the firm may be compelled to select your application over the others.
Companies can sponsor you in a variety of ways; therefore, don’t sound like you’re looking for money from them.
7. Be convincing
If you come from a low-income family, make sure to mention it and use it to sell yourself when applying for sponsorship from Kenyan learning institutions.
Nobody wants to see a bright young person miss out on an education because they can’t afford the school fees.
8. Achieving academic excellence
One proof that performing well in your academics is the simplest way to obtain sponsorship from educational institutions.
There is a good chance that you will be awarded a scholarship by the institution even before you apply or receive referrals for the same.
9. Sell your talent
Aside from academics, learning institutions place a premium on your participation in extracurricular activities such as sports and acting.
If you actively participate in games, you can use this to sell yourself and gain a competitive advantage over other applicants.
Strathmore University, for example, offers scholarships to rugby students, so you can play for the school team and they will pay your tuition.
10. Make use of Ebursary
Ebursary, Kenyan bursary management online platform, allows you to easily search through a large database of bursaries/scholarships and receive a report matching bursaries based on your specific criteria search.
As a registered User, the Ebursary matching platform will assist you in finding bursaries by providing a smarter, targeted list of bursaries that are uniquely suited to you and allowing you to apply for them online.

Types Of Scholarships in Kenya.

– Sponsorship from the Kenyan government
Looking for government opportunities and support is a common way of obtaining higher education and high school sponsors in Kenya.
To obtain government funding, you will most likely need to submit an application and attend some interviews.
The following are some of the scholarship programs offered by the Kenyan government:
a.) Bursaries and loans from the Ministry of Education. They are available online from your constituency’s ministry and education department.
b.) Secondary school bursary. Secondary school bursary forms are available online; simply fill in all of the required information and submit.
c.) The Presidential Bursary
The Presidential Secondary School Bursary is intended for vulnerable children from low-income families and orphans in secondary school and is administered by the OVC Secretariat as a supplement to the CT-OVC Program.
The bursary scheme’s main goal is to increase secondary school enrollment and attendance among orphans and vulnerable children in Kenya.
Beneficiaries of this program must be under the age of 18 and enrolled in secondary school.
d.) The Higher Education Loans Board (HELB)
This is a State Corporation established in 1995 by an Act of Parliament (Cap 213A).
HELB is Kenya’s leading higher education financier. Its mandate is to disburse loans, bursaries, and scholarships to students pursuing higher education in recognized institutions throughout the country.
e.) TIVET Bursary Scheme offered by the Higher Education Loans Board Kenya
Bursaries are available to eligible students enrolled in Technical, Industrial, Vocational, and Entrepreneurship Training tertiary institutions.
Priority is given to orphans and students from low-income families in the programs.
Technical Training Institutes, Institutes of Technology, and Public National Polytechnics are examples of TIVET institutions.
– Employee scholarships
Some employers in Kenya provide study scholarships to their highly-valued employees.
For example, they may fund your master’s degree on the condition that you return to the organization and share the knowledge you have gained.
Such scholarships are available from a variety of Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs), private companies, and government agencies.
One way to earn such scholarships is to stand out as the best-performing employee; this will increase your chances of receiving the scholarship award if you show interest.
– Private education sponsors in Kenya
To increase your chances of receiving sponsorship, you will need to identify a few private sponsors for education in Kenya.
Private organizations and individuals are among the education sponsors in Kenya.
The Kenya Youth Education Scholarship Fund, for example, was established in 2005 as a society to address issues affecting the education of Kenya’s youth.
The organization’s primary funding source is corporations, foundations, and individuals who share a similar perspective on how to address national education challenges. Investing in young Kenyans who excel in the classroom. The organization is eager to establish a fund to ensure its viability and sustainability.
Equity Bank is one such organisation.
Private institutions, such as Equity Bank, have a fund set aside to sponsor exceptionally high-achieving students to further their studies, even abroad.
In Kenya, the company offers local scholarships to students who have been accepted to a local university.
The Equity scholarship program was established.
Over the years, more than 1000 people have gone through the Equity scholarship program.
Every district’s first male and female students are cared for by the company. Equity has set the standard in this sector by connecting more than 69 students to international universities.

Scholarship in Kenya

Scholarship in Kenya
– Sponsorship from NGOs
Companies in Kenya, both local and international, are one source of education sponsors in Kenya.
NGOs and other international organizations have made investments in Kenyan education.
This explains why there are so many scholarship opportunities available from well-known organizations around the world.
Obtaining free corporate sponsorship may appear to be a difficult task, but with the right strategy and approach, it is one of the most natural ways to find aid in the country.
The key to obtaining an international scholarship is to first gain admission to a university recommended by the sponsor.
Many people only consider universities in the United Kingdom and the United States when applying for scholarships, oblivious to the fact that some of the world’s best universities are located in Asia and even Africa.
Furthermore, when approaching an organization for college funding, smaller foundations have a better chance of success than major scholarship agencies.
– Kenyatta University OVS scholarship opportunities.
This educational institution places a high value on the social development of its students, and as a result, it established the Orphans and Vulnerable Students Scholarship Fund to assist underprivileged students who wish to pursue higher education.
– Aga Khan Foundation Scholarship for Developing Countries (Masters and P.H.D)
The AgaKhan Foundation provides a limited number of postgraduate scholarships to students who have excelled academically but lack financial resources. This scholarship is funded in part by a grant.
7.The University of Nairobi Rockefeller Foundation scholarship
Undergraduate and graduate scholarships are available at the University of Nairobi in the fields of social and economic studies, basic survival safeguards, security, and climate and environment.
8.The MasterCard Foundation Scholarship for Kenyans 
Scholarships are available to young people who demonstrate academic talent through this program.
It aims to recognize and reward zealous entrepreneurs.
Until 2016, the program had provided at least $700 million in funding for the education, leadership, and development of over thirty thousand young Africans.

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KeNHA Scholarships For KCSE D Students, How to Apply

Scholarship in Kenya; Best Tips On How To Apply

How to apply for undergraduate Education Scholarships in Kenya

Consider attending an Ivy League university or college and not having to pay tuition.
You also don’t have to break your back working three jobs to make ends meet because you get a decent monthly stipend to cover your expenses.
Even better, you don’t have to worry about finding subpar off-campus housing or staying in subpar hostels because that is already taken care of, as is food.
When you want to go home for Christmas, you don’t have to worry about where you’ll get a plane ticket because you’re given a yearly return ticket.
Isn’t it too good to be true? That is the life of hundreds of young Kenyans studying abroad on full scholarships at various universities around the world.
Students looking for undergraduate scholarships can visit and view the QS ranking, which compares the world’s top universities.
Go to the individual university’s website and apply for scholarships through their scholarship portal.
Getting good grades in KCSE provides a solid foundation, but I recommend that students who want to study abroad take the SAT exams right after Form Four. The tests are a nice bonus and are usually cheap.
SAT tests are American-style entrance exams that are used by many universities around the world. SAT tests are administered in Kenya by accredited examination centers based in Nairobi.
Students who receive first-class honors in their undergraduate studies are eligible for scholarships to study for a master’s degree at one of Kenya’s public universities.
Best wishes in your scholarship search.


Scholarship in Kenya; Best Tips On How To Apply
Scholarship in Kenya; Best Tips On How To Apply

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