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Retired Teachers’ Battle for Pension Takes a New Twist

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Retired Teachers' Battle for Pension Takes a New Twist

Retired Teachers’ Battle for Pension Takes a New Twist

The fight for justice by thousands of retired teachers in Kenya, seeking retirement benefits and salary arrears totaling Sh43.2 billion, has taken a new turn.

Despite the National Treasury Cabinet Secretary Njuguna Ndung’u’s claim that Sh16.08 billion has been disbursed to pay the retirees, the retired teachers have denied any knowledge of the cash.

During a session with the Senate Education committee, Prof Ndung’u announced that the Treasury had received 23,487 revised claims from the Teachers Service Commission (TSC) on behalf of the retirees.

However, representatives of the 52,000 retired teachers held a press conference in Nakuru City, contradicting the government’s claims and expressing their dissatisfaction with the situation.

Retirees Criticize Misleading Claims

The retirees’ representatives, in their press statement delivered by Mr Gidraff Kimatta, labeled the government’s claims as misleading and an affront to the Judiciary.

They argued that the matter has been pending in court since 2010 and accused the Ministry of Education of disputing the figures and certain components of the judgment.

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Furthermore, they expressed disappointment at the TSC and Pensions Department for disregarding court orders to release the funds.

According to Mr Kimatta, the retirees’ lawyer, the records received indicate that only 7,000 retired teachers have received their enhanced pensions.

However, even those who have received their dues have been significantly underpaid, as the TSC failed to involve the retirees in the calculation process as ordered by the Court of Appeal’s judgment on October 12, 2010.

This lack of involvement has led to discrepancies in the amounts disbursed to the retirees.

The retired teachers expressed deep regret over the prolonged legal battle, which has spanned nearly three decades.

Various government offices have been involved, yet compliance with court orders remains elusive.

The retirees emphasized their frustration with the slow progress and the failure to resolve the issue promptly.

Retired Teachers’ Battle for Pension Takes a New Twist

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