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Private Schools To Build 5,000 CBC Classrooms

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Private Schools To Build 5,000 CBC Classrooms

Private Schools To build 5,000 CBC Classrooms.

George Magoha, Cabinet Secretary for Education, will tour the country to personally inspect private schools’ readiness to handle Junior Secondary classes.

Magoha admitted on Tuesday, June 7, that the government was racing against the clock to implement the next phase of the Competency-Based Curriculum (CBC).

The main challenge is finding classes and housing for students who will enter Junior Secondary School in 2023.

Private schools had complained that the government had ignored them when implementing the Junior Secondary Schools program.

The first phase, which included the construction of 6,497 classrooms across the country, is 98% complete.

“The 1,200 classes (for private schools) are extra spaces. The government will continue to facilitate and ensure that private schools are registered as quickly as possible, "Magoha stated. 

On Monday he stated that private schools intend to build 5,000 classrooms to house junior secondary students.

He also mentioned that the creation of a framework to guide students through the application was in the works.

Magoha will also classify schools as national, extra-county, county, or sub-county in January 2023.

The CS said there should be no concern about what will happen to the children because the ministry si well prepared.

“The process of how the children will apply to go to Junior Secondary School is being worked on and we shall advise them on how to apply,” he added. 

Magoha also cautioned Ministry of Education officials against relapsing, noting that they were still under investigation.


“Having an election does not mean we stop working. We shall continue working for the three remaining months until the next government is sworn in. 

According to the CBC Task Force, junior high should be held in day schools rather than boarding schools.

Private Schools To build 5,000 CBC Classrooms

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