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Private Schools Ready For Junior Secondary – KPSA

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Private Schools Ready For Junior Secondary - KPSA

Private Schools Ready For Junior Secondary – KPSA.

As the clock approaches the start of junior secondary school, the Kenya Private Schools Association (KPSA) has assured the government that their full support will be implemented in their schools in January.

According to KPSA, as a supplement to the government, they are working around the clock to meet the 5,000 classes promised to the government before the transition at the end of the year.

Speaking at a consultative meeting for county officials from across the country held at a Nairobi hotel, KPSA chairman Charles Ochome stated that the private sector has so far built 2,500 classrooms and has promised to reach the target of 5,000 classrooms by the end of the year.

‘‘We are here to highlight our schools’ preparedness towards the commitment we made to the government of 5,000 classrooms.

“The Cabinet Secretary has toured some of them and currently he is in the Lake Region,’’ said Ochome.

Ochome, on the other hand, stated that only private schools that meet the bare minimum requirements will be certified.

The government is inspecting schools, and if they meet the guidelines for holding the Junior Secondary. 

"They will be given a nod. This means that some of the schools will hold two or three classrooms for Junior Secondary,’’ he said.

He also stated that school directors are encouraged to build more classrooms in order to meet the demands of students during the January transition.

Over one million students are preparing for transition, and private schools are expected to build more infrastructure to supplement the government effort.

"We urge all our directors to invest more in classrooms so that we don’t experience a surge in student intake,’’ he said.

Ochome stated that the association will hold an Annual Directors Conference in Mombasa from July 4-6 to reassure the government of their readiness.

The Cabinet Secretary will be present to further engage private school investors. "CBC is here to stay,” he declared.

Prof George Magoha, Cabinet Secretary, has encouraged private schools to develop JSSs while also assuring them of transparency in the selection process.

On Monday, the CS went to Moi Education Centre to inspect the infrastructure that had been put in place in preparation for the transition.

The CS allayed concerns that private schools would be unable to accommodate the first batch of Grade Seven boarders.

Magoha urged Parents not to be concerned about Grade Seven students because both public and private schools will accommodate all students.

“With 10,000 classes from public and another 5,000 from the private schools we will manage the transition,” said Magoha.

He urged parents to keep their children at their centers, promising a smooth transition.

Private Schools Ready For Junior Secondary – KPSA

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