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Over 500 Stray Elephants Disrupt Education in Ganze

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Over 500 Stray Elephants Disrupt Education in Ganze

Over 500 Stray Elephants Disrupt Education in Ganze

In Ganze Constituency, the presence of over 500 stray elephants has plunged the area into chaos, leading to the paralysis of learning in local schools.

For more than three weeks, these elephants have been roaming residential pathways and school compounds, prompting fears for the safety of hundreds of learners.

With disrupted schedules and concerns for their well-being, students are forced to stay at home, accompanied by their parents.

The consequences of the elephant invasion are evident across primary schools in Ganze.

Recently, schools such as Migujini, Rimarapera, Midoina, and Ndigiria have experienced a complete disruption of their educational activities.

Member of Parliament Kenneth Tungule, who visited some of the affected schools, expressed his concerns about the significant impact on learning.

He highlighted that the elephants’ return to the school compound overnight has further exacerbated the situation.

Dwindling Academic Performance:

The disruption caused by the elephants has resulted in poor attendance and a significant lag in academic progress.

Omar Muhema, a senior teacher at Migujini primary school, reported that over 50 students have been missing school daily, while those who do attend arrive as late as 9 am and leave at 3 pm.

The constant presence of the elephants has created a state of unrest and curiosity among the students, sometimes leading to the termination of classes.

Kenneth Tungule expressed his fear that the ongoing disruption may lead to a decline in academic performance.

He urgently appealed to the Kenya Wildlife Services (KWS) to take swift action in driving away the elephants and restoring normalcy to the lives of residents and learners in Ganze.

The local community, led by the determined MP, has even threatened to take matters into their own hands and kill the elephants if prompt action is not taken.

Testimonies from Affected Schools:

Teachers from Migujini and Ndigiria primary schools echoed their concerns.

At Migujini, the school compound has become scattered with elephants, making it difficult for parents and children to access the premises.

Consequently, two groups of pupils, grades 2 and 3, are advised to stay at home until noon.

The situation at Ndigiria primary school is no different, with approximately 10 pupils from each class missing classes for the past three weeks.

Samuel Ngumbao, the Deputy Headteacher of Ndigiria primary school, pleaded for government intervention to address the elephant crisis that has thrown the area into disarray.

He emphasized that pupils from areas with prolonged elephant presence often arrive late, some only accompanied by their parents, while others fail to attend school altogether.

Immediate action is needed to resolve this pressing issue and restore a conducive learning environment.

Over 500 Stray Elephants Disrupt Education in Ganze

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