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Open University of Kenya (OuK) to Offer Cheaper Fees for 5 Degree Programs

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Open University of Kenya (OuK) to Offer Cheaper Fees for 5 Degree Programs

The Open University of Kenya (OuK) intends to offer five degree programs at fees that are nearly half of what public and private universities charge.

The OuK was granted a charter by President William Ruto on August 3 and will offer online courses.

The Kenya Universities and Colleges Central Placement Service (KUCCPS) has now made its application portal available to students.

According to a communication from the placement organization, the institution will offer five undergraduate courses.

The Bachelor of Data Science, the Bachelor of Science in Cyber Security and Digital Forensics, the Bachelor of Business and Entrepreneurship, and the Bachelor of Economics and Statistics will all charge Sh105,000 per year in tuition. The cost of the Bachelor of Technology Education is Sh115,000.

Similar programs will be available for between Sh179,290 and Sh306,000 at other public and private universities.

The Standard’s analysis of tuition fees reveals that a bachelor’s degree in cyber security and digital forensics costs Sh105,000 at OuK, Sh190,035 at Kabarak University, and Sh248,800 at Meru University.

A Bachelor of Business Administration and Entrepreneurship will cost Sh224,570 at Karatina University, Sh204,000 at Maasai Mara University, and Sh206,635 at Kiii University.

The Bachelor of Technology Education, which will cost Sh115,000, will be the most expensive program at the Open University. The degree is also available at two additional institutions.

For the same degree program, Masinde Muliro University of Science and Technology (MMUST) and Murang’a University each charge Sh244,800.

A Bachelor of Economics and Statistics at Egerton University costs Sh270,900, compared to Sh105,000 at OuK. The price is Sh259,335 at Kisii University, Sh223,550 at the University of Nairobi, Sh204,000 at Maasai Mara University, and Sh183,600 at Machakos University.

During the inauguration of OuK, President Ruto stated that courses would cost half as much as they do at other universities.

The president remarked, “Nothing says bottom-up more than an open university that gives everyone a chance.”

Dr. Ruto observed that the institution will provide access to higher education for individuals who would not otherwise be able to pursue it.

The KUCCPS stated that the university will also have fee payment flexibility.

This will be accomplished by allowing students who cannot afford the complete annual fees to pay for individual units.

“At Open University, students have the option to pursue and pay for individual course units at a cost of Sh10,000 per unit. This option applies to both the bachelor’s degree and postgraduate diploma programs,” according to the statement.

Per academic year, the degree and postgraduate diploma programs consist of between 12 and 14 course units.

Postgraduate programs will take one year to complete, while bachelor’s degree programs will require four years.

For open and self-paced learning, a student may choose to take one course subject at a time using an alternative flexible mode.

The minimum admission requirements for undergraduate courses are a KCSE or equivalent certificate and a portfolio demonstrating prior learning.

A mean grade of C+ or higher on the KCSE, if applicable, or its equivalent as determined by the university senate.

According to the placement organization, the admission requirements will be flexible in that they will consider the applicant’s work experience, brief courses, or recognition of prior learning in order to enroll in degree programs.

According to KUCCPS, the initiative is anticipated to assist individuals who didn’t have the chance to take advantage of early opportunities or encountered obstacles like official grades, age, financial capability, gender, or geographical location in order to obtain a university education.

This would be achieved through a flexible learning approach that enables students to learn according to their own schedule, speed, and location.

Open University of Kenya (OuK) to Offer Cheaper Fees for 5 Degree Programs

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