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No Fees Increase, Government Warn Rogue School Heads

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No Fees Increase, Government Warn Rogue School Heads

On Wednesday (November 8), Mr. Machogu spoke at the official start of the 20th Kenya Primary Schools Head Teachers’ Conference at Sheikh Khalifa Bin Zayed Primary School in Mombasa.

Machogu stated that there is no intention on the part of the William Ruto-led government to increase school fees in secondary or junior secondary schools. He mentioned that boarding school fees will remain at the currently approved rates.

Parents are in for a surprise as the third term comes to a conclusion. The Kenya Secondary Schools Heads Association announced last month that principals will raise school fees beginning in January 2024 due to the increasing cost of living.

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Because of the irregular release of capitation to administer the institutions, principals have been straining. Due to the high cost of living, suppliers have been obliged to reduce food deliveries to boarding schools.

The situation is so terrible that certain suppliers have blacklisted several schools due to large debts, according to headmasters. Most secondary schools are heavily indebted, with millions of shillings in school fee defaults. The CS, on the other hand, referenced Article 53 of the Constitution, which provides that basic education is both free and mandatory.

Machogu emphasized that going against this provision in the constitution constitutes a violation of the law. He stated that anyone unwilling to serve as a head teacher has the option to resign. Additionally, he pointed out that numerous Kenyans are eager to seize these opportunities and adhere to the regulations.

According to the CS, a number of school heads have gone rogue, with some secondary schools charging between Sh150,000 and Sh200,000 per year. The CS reported that education is becoming unaffordable for many Kenyans, noting that it is increasingly becoming the privilege of the wealthy.

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The government has expressed concern, citing that a significant portion of the fees charged are going into individuals’ pockets, leading to their decision to intervene. He stated that the government will continue to support schools and students through capitation in its efforts to deliver free and obligatory basic education.

The government currently grants Sh1,420 per student. The government offers a capitation grant of Sh15,042 per pupil for junior schools. Secondary school students receive Sh22,240.

He stated that the government would continue to assist schools and students through capitation. School administrators will be expected to follow government directions on the subject. “Boarding school fees will remain unchanged.”

Anyone who defies the directive will face consequences, according to the CS. He reaffirmed the government’s commitment to education, which has received the biggest budgetary allocation of Sh630 billion, accounting for 30% of the overall national budget.

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The funds will be used to fund capitation, supply textbooks and other learning resources, hire more teachers, and upgrade school infrastructure.

KNUT agreed with Machogu that school fees should not be raised. He defended the head teachers against allegations of raising prices and emphasized that the school boards were to blame for the arbitrary increase in school fees in some schools.

Secretary General Collins Oyuu stated that school fees cannot be increased without the approval of the board members, and that’s why he holds the board members, not the principals, responsible.

Prof. Omwenga encouraged teachers to take advantage of the Open University, which offered programs for individuals who did not meet the minimal requirements for admission to local universities, which need candidates with a C plus or higher.

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He mentioned that they have implemented a flexible entrance qualification program for teachers, which does not impose the local universities’ traditional entrance requirements.

No Fees Increase, Government Warn Rogue School Heads

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