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Nandi ECDE Teachers Decry Low Wages

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Nandi ECDE Teachers Decry Low Wages

Nandi ECDE teachers have called on their county government to pay them their salaries as per their payslips.

According to the teachers, they receive a meager special salary, while other teachers are paid well.

An ECDE teacher from Nandi declared that Early Childhood Education teachers encountered significant challenges because their own country employed them but provided them with special salaries.

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They emphasized their need for fair compensation as indicated in their payslips, highlighting their commitment to serving the nation’s children.

The teacher from Nandi mentioned they were only receiving special salary rates, despite the scheme of service that was supposed to be implemented uniformly across all counties.

The teachers have urged the county of Nandi to equalize their salaries, as they are all equally qualified regardless of their level of education.

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Mary Bett pointed out that there was a significant disparity in teachers’ salaries, with some receiving considerably higher pay than others, despite all of them being educators with varying qualifications such as diplomas, degrees, and certificates.

She questioned the fairness of the situation, stating, “How come I am earning Sh 15,500, while my colleague somewhere else is earning Sh 37,000 or Sh 40,000? Let us simply receive equal pay.”

However, the county has stated that it has fulfilled all of its promises to the teachers, and all absent teachers will be punished.

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Nandi ECDE Teachers Decry Low Wages

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