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Mistakes TSC Registered Teachers Must Avoid

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Mistakes TSC Registered Teachers Must Avoid

Teachers in Kenya are subjected to a number of adverse working conditions.

If a teacher violates the Code of Conduct, the Teachers Service Commission (TSC) will impose severe penalties.

The Commission’s findings show that the process for detaining and dismissing a teacher is fairly involved.

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Below is a list of mistakes TSC registered teachers must avoid:

  1. As a result of poor behavior, do not remove a student from the classroom during lessons and learning hours.

This is because you cannot oversee the student’s actions outside, which could be detrimental in the event of an accident.

2. Touching students inappropriately is unacceptable.

This is due to the learner’s chance of being accused of physical or sexual abuse. You might be unable to contest it.

There have been shocking revelations of sexual harassment in schools, with male teachers accused of preying on learners.

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In the past three years, the Teachers Service Commission (TSC) has fired and degazetted around 282 teachers for engaging in sexual relationships with their students.

Multiple interviews with school administrators, teachers, and ex-students have finally revealed the schools’ grave moral decay.

3. Avoid assigning jobs that you will lack time to evaluate.

Ungraded assignments and homework demonstrate incompetence or lack of professionalism.

4. Students should not be subjected to emotional punishment.

It decreases their likelihood of advancing as learners.

5. Stop limiting your teaching to the given time, particularly if preparing students for external exams. Increase your students’ contact time with you.

6. While in the classroom, lab, office, etc., do not stay with a lone student.

The policy on child protection prohibits it. Avoid teaching from a singular perspective.

The disarray produced by the games activities where kids are sscattered and not quickly accounted for gives room for immorality.

Teachers have been accused of luring their students to departmental offices where they engage in the sbeastly actions.

According to the TSC data, Siaya and Murang’a counties had the highest number of teachers accused of defilement in the last three years.

7. Stop requiring children to kneel for extended periods of time.

You may not be aware of a health problem he or she is experiencing.

8. Avoid conspiring to get your school’s principal sacked ( Head of Department, academic head, etc.).

Everything in the cosmos is circular.

9. Avoid becoming a difficult instructor, and do not give any students the impression that you are acting aggressively.

Maintain a cheerful mindset despite your personal challenges.

Mistakes TSC Registered Teachers Must Avoid

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