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Ministry Unveils Initiative for Tree Nurseries and Fruit Trees in Primary Schools

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Ministry Unveils Initiative for Tree Nurseries and Fruit Trees in Primary Schools

Susan Mang’eni, principal secretary of the State Department for Micro, Small, and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs) Development, has urged the county government of Uasin Gishu, the Kenya Industrial Estate (KIE), and the Kenya Forest Service (KFS) to collaborate to initiate a campaign for the establishment of tree nurseries in all primary schools throughout the county.

This initiative would empower students to cultivate fruit trees for consumption, promoting their health. PS Mang’eni, while touring the Timboroa forest in Kesses Sub-County, Uasin Gishu, emphasized the importance of establishing fruit trees in every school to provide health benefits for the students.

Principal Secretary Mang’eni revealed plans to introduce fruit trees in every primary school to promote children’s health. Mang’eni emphasized the establishment of a 4K environmental club in each primary school tasked with planting and caring for tree seedlings. He intends to purchase trees from these schools during the next tree-planting event.

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She directed the KIE to collaborate with the administrations of the primary schools to provide funding to the environmental societies for tree planting; the KIE will subsequently purchase the trees from the clubs. PS Mang’eni further stated, “When we come here to plant trees next year, we will purchase those trees from our schools.”

PS Mang’eni directed the school administrators to establish savings accounts for every member of the 4K societies, in which the funds obtained from selling seedlings will be deposited. The funds will assist in financing the learners’ post-primary education.

Mang’eni outlined a financial incentive for students participating in the environmental clubs. The government and relevant agencies would buy trees grown by these students.

Teachers who run the Hustler Fund will deposit the proceeds of these sales into a savings account. The goal is to accumulate funds to assist club members in paying for university education when they turn 20. She also applauded the people of Uasin Gishu for using the hustler fund that the government provided to finance their various businesses and making timely payments.

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She stated that the county has borrowed a cumulative sum of Sh 1.26 billion and has been repaid at a commendable rate of 77.5 percent. Mang’eni commended the success of the Hustler fund, noting significant borrowing from Uasin Gishu, particularly in Kesses County, where the top borrower secured a loan of Sh 4.5 million.

Kisii County followed with Sh 1.7 million in loans. Ainabkoi came in second with Sh 140 million, and Kesses came in third with Sh 120 million in Uasin Gishu, where Turbo sub-county had the most borrowing ($240 million). She further urged residents to consider borrowing as a group. She mentioned that the fund has introduced group loans ranging from Sh 20,000 to Sh 1,000,000 for enterprises and other investment forms.

Elsewhere, Pastor Dorcas Rigathi, the spouse of the Deputy President, has urged university students nationwide to engage in tree-planting endeavors that align with the government’s objective of establishing 15 billion trees by 2032.

Ministry Unveils Initiative for Tree Nurseries and Fruit Trees in Primary Schools
Ministry Unveils Initiative for Tree Nurseries and Fruit Trees in Primary Schools

Pastor Dorcas stated, while guiding students from Chuka University in planting 8,000 trees, that additional tree planting would significantly contribute to mitigating climate change impacts. In the ongoing climate change action involving tree planting, Pastor Dorcas acknowledged the active participation of chiefs, administration, forest officers, and the community.

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Expressing satisfaction, Pastor Dorcas emphasized that the government is pleased to witness students actively engaging in environmental initiatives. Furthermore, Pastor Dorcas urged the university to contribute to these efforts by allocating land for students to establish a tree nursery.

She expressed her commitment to partnering with the university in this endeavor. The trees contributed to the annual goal of two million trees established by the office of the Deputy President (ODP), which also encompasses the office of the Deputy President’s spouse.

The Faculty of Environmental Studies’ student representative, Nyokabi Ngige, stated that the students were thrilled to participate in the tree-planting activity and help the President reach his goal of planting 15 billion trees. Vice Chancellor Prof. Mutembei stated that the carbon concentration on the university’s Kairini farm and in the Chuka region increased due to the partnership with the initiative.

Patrick Munene, an area representative, likewise lauded the students’ engagement in the tree-planting endeavor. Under the direction of the Vice Chancellor and Council Chair, and in the name of the faculty of environment, “You are bequeathing a tremendous legacy to this institution with this endeavor,” stated MP Munene.

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In addition, Chief Officer Gender Kelly Rwigi and Tharaka Nithi Woman Representative Susan Ngugi were in attendance. They both participated in the tree planting activity and expressed their appreciation to Pastor Dorcas for engaging university students in a remedial effort for the environment.

Pastor Dorcas led the students in a session culminating in tree planting on university property. As part of an outreach initiative aimed at raising awareness about the dangers of substance abuse and alcoholism, the team conducted the session targeting students enrolled in tertiary institutions.

Pastor Dorcas has previously delivered comparable lectures at Daystar University (Nairobi), Maasai Mara University (Narok), Mount Kenya University (Thika), the University of Nairobi (Main Campus), St. Pauls University (Limuru), and Daystar University.

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Ministry Unveils Initiative for Tree Nurseries and Fruit Trees in Primary Schools

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