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Ministry Of Education NEMIS Portal Registration Login And Uses

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Ministry Of Education NEMIS Portal Registration Login And Uses

Ministry Of Education NEMIS Portal Registration Login And Uses. errors fixed
The Kenyan government has made notable advances in the education sector to furnish citizens with up-to-date skills and tools to live in the 21st century
One of the modifications made is the National Education Management Information System (NEMIS) portal which entails a few steps for registration. 
The system assembles relevant data on learners, schools, and aid administrative resolutions by providing data-driven insights. Since it began online in 2018, it has been an intelligent tool for anyone in Kenya’s education sector. 
Education NEMIS: 10 Basic Steps For Rapid Registration Support
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For the first time and prospective users, however, the system might appear complicated. We have a full categorisation of everything you need to understand about the NEMIS Portal, from the registration process to its uses. 


Going on and making full utilisation of the NEMIS Portal is a simple tour and there is no cause to be frightened. All you require is a little knowledge at your end and you will be able to register as smoothly as filling a paper form. 
To register on the portal, you will be required to provide the following: 
– Name of your Organization
– Username
– Surname
– Other Names
– Gender
– ID Number
– Email
– Department and Category
– Title (the position held)
– Mobile Number
– A Password
The original registration method simply needs an internet-enabled phone or laptop, data, and a few minutes to spare. Once you have these, do the following: 
Getting Started
For security purposes, the system will automatically log you out when not in use meaning the session will have expired.
Step 1: Double click on browser-accessible in your device e.g. Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Opera, Google Chrome, Safari, or any other.
Step 2: Type on the address bar and press enter button.

Step 3: The actions of step 2 will introduce you to the window below.
You must be assigned a user name and password by the System Administrator (Ministry of Education)

Ministry Of Education NEMIS Portal Registration Login And Uses

Step 4: Type your Username and Password to log on to the system.
Step 5: Click login.
Step 5: The page below will appear upon successful login

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Ministry Of Education NEMIS Portal Registration Login And Uses

Once you click “SAVE,” the NEMIS portal will direct you to a page where you will get a notification that your ‘registration was successful’. That means you are registered on the Kenya Ministry of Education NEMIS portal. 
After completing your registration process, you will get a Unique Personal Identification Number (UPI), which you will use to access the system. To access the portal after successful registration: 
– Open your browser and open the NEMIS portal
– Insert your username and password
– Click login, and you will be directed to your workspace, where you can perform all kinds of activities on the portal.

How To Register Students On The Nemis Portal

One thing you will see after clicking the register button on the NEMIS portal homepage is the organization textbox. It has a preapproved list of Kenya agencies, like KNEC, TSC, and KICD. 
This might get you wondering how to register learners on the portal. It is possible and fairly easy after completing your registration on the NEMIS portal as an official, principal, or teacher. 
To begin, you will need the username and password you used during registration. Once you have it –
– Go to the Portal Login on the NEMIS homepage

Ministry Of Education NEMIS Portal Registration Login And Uses

– Enter your Username and Password to access your workspace
– Navigate to the Learner’s Module
– Once there, use it to capture the details of your students
The Learners Module will need for the following information for each student: 
– Name as it is on the birth certificate
– Parents contacts
– Student home country and sub-county
– Email Address
– Gender
– School
– Parent/Guardian Identification and Contact Number
– Nationality
– Special Needs (if any)
– Level of Education, Talent, and Performance

How To Fix Issues During Registration

The portal is very simple in terms of usage and effective in data capturing. However, running into specific challenges during the NEMIS portal registration process is normal in some cases. 
If you find yourself in this situation, all you have to do is contact the Kenya Ministry of Education. There are a few ways to achieve this, including: 
– Phone Number +254 020 331 8581
– Email [email protected]
– Physical Address — Jogoo House B, Harambee Avenue, Nairobi County
– Postal Address PO Box 30040-00100, Nairobi, Kenya
You can also reach out directly to the technical support team through the following means: 
– Email [email protected], [email protected]
– Phone Number +254 020 331 8581, +254 700 OOO OOO

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Processes And Actions You Can Do On The NEMIS Portal

There is a lot of things to do with the NEMIS portal that is important to the Kenya education sector. This is because of its uses which include enabling parents to track their children’s progress as well as the government to track schools’ performance. As intended, the NEMIS portal can be used by the following: 
– ICT Professionals
– Ministries, Departments, and Agencies
– Ministry of Education
– Parents and Guardians
– Learners
– National Secondary School Association
– Teachers
– Development Partners
– Kenya Primary School Association
– Kenya Private School Association
– Kenya Secondary School Heads Association
With NEMIS, members of these groups can collect real-time data on students, manage and analyze complex data in the education sector. Once you have completed your registration, you will be granted access to some information and use the NEMIS portal under four key segments known as modules. They are Institution Module, Learners Module, Staff Module, and Finance Module.

PROCEDURE OF PLACING THE TRANSFER REQUEST ON NEMIS step (Ministry Of Education NEMIS Portal Registration Login And Uses)

1: On your browser, key in the URL A window will be displayed where you will be required to key in the username of the school and the password used. step
2: Once you have logged in a window will be displayed showing the details of the schools. Click on the learners’ tab then click on ADMIT STUDENT or capture learners requests. step
3: Enter the KCPE index number of the learner or the UPI number used in primary in the SEARCH BOX and click on the check the details. The details of the learner that is; the number, name, gender, marks and the school he or is selected to will be displayed.
Step 4: Click on the ADMIT icon when the details of the school to which the learner is admitted to, a new window will be displayed.
Enter the UPI of the learner and the birth certificate number then click ADMIT.
The admission request list of the students to which the requests were applied will be displayed in the NEMIS PORTAL of the school awaiting approval by the county director of education. Upon approval, all these students will be able to now download the admission letters from the ministry of education for reporting purpose.
Step 1: Click button to change password The following window appears


Step 2: Key in the fields as required
Step 3: Click the button to change your password
Step 1: Click on the button to exit the system You are advised to log out of the system if you are not entering any data.


S/NoQuestionAnswer1.What is NEMIS?A   tool   that   automates   the          efficient management in the education SystemIt is an online solutionit is a repository of education data2How do I access NEMIS?     Double click on browser-accessible in your device e.g. Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Opera, Google Chrome, Safari, or any other.
     Type on the address bar and press enter button.NEMIS FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS AND ANSWERS
3How do I connect to NEMIS?NEMIS  can  be  accessed  from  any  device with Internet connectivity;
For Broadband connectivity at least 3G or 2 Megabytes per second   (Mbps)   speed on dedicated links.4Who is authorized to access NEMIS?Any person assigned registered by the System5.Who are the users of NEMIS?Ministry of  Education,  National  Treasury Development partners and another interested party in Education Statistics.NEMIS FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS AND ANSWERS
How  do  I  get  HELP  on  NEMIS  Access,
6How  do  I  get  HELP  on  NEMIS  Access,S/NoQuestionAnswerconnectivity and Navigation7Who are the developers of NEMISThe system is a homegrown solution developed by a team of Interagency drawn from the Government.8How   do   I   register   an   Institution   using NEMIS?Login NEMIS using the following URL
Login using the credentials
Go    to    Institutions    Menu,    Under    the institution Menu fill in the information in the
9How   do   I   reset   my   password   to   access NEMIS?Contact the Ministry of Education using the following address10What is a UPI?It   is   a   unique   Personal   code   given   to
staff/learner     for     identification     purpose throughout the education system11How do I generate learners UPIA learner UPI will be issued when a learner details are registered into the systemNEMIS FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS AND ANSWERS
12Who is a learner?A learner is any Kenyan citizen or foreigner enrolled in the Kenya Education system13When should a learner get a UPI?A learner UPI will be issued when a learner details are registered into the system14How is a learner promoted in the system?Select  the  current  class  of  the  learner,  then select  learners  to  be  promoted  click  post buttonS/NoQuestionAnswer15What do I require to assign a UPI to a learnerA valid birth certificate/Alien CertificateNEMIS FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS AND ANSWERS
16What do I require to register staff (Teaching and Non-teaching staff)?A valid ID Number/Alien Number17What is  the  difference between  the  personal Number issued by TSC and the UPI number issued through NEMIS?A personal number is given by TSC who has graduated from a recognized teacher training college or a recognized university18What is a teaching area?This  is  the teaching subjects  assigned  to  a teacher in a learning institution.19What is a study area?This   is   the   area(s)   which   the   teacher   is trained on20How   do   institutions   become   members   of NemisThrough registration on   the   system,   by uploading registration documents from  the moe.NEMIS FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS AND ANSWERS
Ministry of Education P.O Box 30040-00100
Nairobi, Kenya
Jogoo House B, Harambee Avenue Tel: +254-020-3318581
Email: [email protected]
For    any    quick    support,    the    system’s technical team will be available through the following contact:
Tel: +254-020-3318581, Toll-free 0800722962……
Email: [email protected][email protected]NEMIS FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS AND ANSWERS

Ministry Of Education NEMIS Portal Registration Login And Uses.

Ministry Of Education NEMIS Portal Registration Login And Uses.

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