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Ministry Issues Tough Junior Secondary Funds Guidelines

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Ministry Issues Tough Junior Secondary Funds Guidelines

Ministry Issues Tough Junior Secondary Funds Guidelines

The government has issued strict directives on the utilization of funds disbursed to Junior High Schools, totaling Sh9.6 billion, across the country to finance fees for all learners in public junior high schools. The funds are disbursed in three trenches throughout the year, with 50 percent allocated for the first term, 30 percent for the second term, and 20 percent for the third term.

Heads of institutions have been warned to adhere to the approved guidelines and ensure prudent use of the funds. According to a circular dated April 14, 2023, sent to all county Director of Education, Education PS Dr Belio Kipsang emphasized that schools must follow stipulated accounting procedures and other necessary measures, including cost-savings, at all times.

Schools are also required to enter learner’s details into the National Education Management Information System (NEMIS), which will be used for disbursement of the funds. The PS further stated that schools must submit returns to the Ministry of Education through the County Director of Education, indicating receipts of the money signed by all students in the school against the amount of capitation received.

Govt Disburses Sh9.6 Billion Junior Secondary Schools (JSS) Capitation

The returns should include the admission number and full name of each learner as indicated in the school admission register. Additionally, schools must provide expenditure vouchers for all spending, and each student must be issued a receipt for every transaction spent.

The PS also highlighted that Junior Secondary Schools are not allowed to enter into financial contracts, such as hire purchase or bank loans, without the express written approval of the Cabinet Secretary, in line with Section 18 of the 4th Schedule of the Basic Education Act 2013, underscoring the significance of this directive.

The disbursed funds are allocated in two school accounts, namely the tuition and Operation Account vote heads. Each student is entitled to Sh7,268, which includes Sh4,843 for tuition and Sh2,425 for operation expenses. However, the PS noted that some schools did not receive the funds due to conflicting characteristics provided by the schools, and urged the affected schools to rectify their records in order to receive the funds.

The circular was copied to the Cabinet Secretary, Teachers Service Commission CEO, Director, and Schools Audit Services, further underscoring the magnitude of the directive and the importance of strict adherence to the guidelines for the utilization of the disbursed funds.

Ministry Issues Tough Junior Secondary Funds Guidelines

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