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Learning Disrupted as terror hit Lamu

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Learning Disrupted as terror hit Lamu

Learning Disrupted as terror hit Lamu.
The killing of seven people by suspected al Shabab militants on Sunday and Monday nights has disrupted education in Lamu.
Six people were killed on Sunday night in Widhu, Lamu West, and one person was killed on Monday night in Bobo-Sunkia village in Hindi, Lamu West.
As a result of the situation, there has been a mass exodus of residents from affected and neighbouring villages, who are fearful of further attacks.
Five suspects are being held by police in connection with the Monday attack at Widhu Majembeni in Lamu, which killed six people.
According to National Police Service Spokesperson Bruno Shioso, the suspects are being questioned about the attack, which is linked to land disputes.
He added that they are following up on leads to determine whether the attack was carried out by the outlawed Al Shabaab militia.
Schools Disrupted
Schools in these areas have seen a lack or low turnout of students as parents keep their children at home due to rising tensions and fear.
On Monday, no students attended Widhu schools, including Juhudi and Salama primary schools.
On Tuesday, however, only about 25 students out of the total student population of 300 or so showed up at both schools.
School administrators and teachers have urged the state to provide security in schools for both students and teachers in order for learning to proceed smoothly.
A teacher at one of the schools stated that they are equally concerned about their own safety but are required to report to school in order to boost the morale of the fearful students and parents who have refused to allow their children to leave their homes.
“We understand the parents who won’t let their kids come to school because we are also worried about our own safety. We hope the government will deploy security officers to our schools,” a teacher who refused to be named said.
Following the death of 62-year-old John Gichoya on Monday night, the situation in Hindi, Lamu West, was similar.
At least three houses were set on fire in the village before security officers responded to distress calls and thwarted the militants’ planned attacks.
The turnout at Bobo Primary School was extremely low, with palpable tension visible on the faces of students who could be seen peering out of their classroom windows as if bracing for the worst.
Majembeni Holy Angels, Mikinduni, and Kangaja Primary in Lamu West are other schools with a high rate of absenteeism among students.
Moses Kalama, a parent at Mikinduni Primary School, stated that as parents, they cannot ignore the obvious signs of insecurity in their areas and, as a result, cannot release their children until security is ensured.
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“It is clear that there is an issue with insecurity. In the past, militants have targeted and burned down schools. We obviously anticipate the same here, which is why we are keeping our children at home for the time being,” Kalama said.
Some students and their parents have fled to neighbouring Mpeketoni and Kibaoni.
Following the killing in Bobo-Sunkia village, Lamu West deputy county commissioner Charles Kitheka convened an emergency meeting with Hindi residents on Tuesday morning. He reassured the residents of their safety.
Learning Disrupted as terror hit Lamu

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