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Kwale School Where Teachers Share Dormitory With Pupils

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Kwale School Where Teachers Share Dormitory With Pupils

Kwale School Where Teachers Share Dormitory With Pupils

Parents of pupils at a deaf primary school in Msambweni, Kwale county, have urged the government to send more teachers and equip the school.

With only three TSC-registered teachers, Kidimu School for the Deaf has ten classrooms and more than 60 students.

Three other teachers employed by the board assist the TSC teachers.

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Masai Mwawira, chairman of the school’s parents association, stated that a lack of learning facilities and teachers is affecting children’s education.

He claims that teachers are forced to teach two classes in one classroom.

Mwawira stated that because it is a boarding school, students, both male and female, and their teachers are forced to sleep in the same dormitory.

One bed is shared by at least three students, mostly boys due to their larger size.

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“Things are tough, classrooms are very few and making it worse teachers share a dormitory with students,” Mwawira said.

He gave an interview in Msambweni subcounty on Tuesday.

Mwawira stated that despite their small numbers, the teachers are under pressure to complete the curriculum on time.

He claims they have to work three times as hard to complete the syllabus, which is detrimental to their mental health and the mental health of the students.

There is a nursery (PP1 and PP2) as well as upper classes from Grade 1 to Standard 8.

Mwawira stated that the situation requires immediate intervention because the new curriculum is too involved and requires a sufficient number of teachers.

He requested that the government equip and hire more teachers for the school.

“We appreciate getting food rations from the government and private organisations, but learning facilities and personnel are key to the institution’s prosperity,” Mwawira said.

He stated that if an adequate number of staff is hired for quality education, teachers will be more effective in delivering knowledge.

School Board Chairman David Katana lamented that the government had failed to adequately address the needs of disabled children.

He suggested that the government set aside special funds for education and the well-being of disabled children.

“Parliament should agree to have a certain percentage of funds to address the challenges of the PWDs’ education,” Katana said.

He believes that people with disabilities deserve to be treated equally and to have equal access to learning and employment opportunities.

Bakari Mwakilesho, a representative for people with disabilities, stated that the government should ensure that all PWD schools are adequately funded in order to improve learning for children with special needs.

Athman Mwakuyu, the school’s principal, stated that the institution is also dealing with a slew of food issues.

He, on the other hand, stated that they have resorted to kitchen garden farming in order to survive.

They grow vegetables, primarily cereals, to supplement food donations.


The National Fund for the Disabled of Kenya awarded the school Sh300,000 in grants on Tuesday.

The funds will be used to help the institution’s agricultural project.

The Coast Serious Farmers Group and other non-governmental organizations are also supporting the shade net project.

Mwakuyu stated that the project has been a success because they produce food and sell the excess to the market.

Kwale School Where Teachers Share Dormitory With Pupils

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