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KUPPET Protest ‘Crush Program’ of Co-Curricular Activities

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KUPPET Protest 'Crush Program' of Co-Curricular Activities

KUPPET Protest ‘Crush Program’ of Co-Curricular Activities

Teachers have protested the Ministry of Education’s “crush program” for co-curricular activities, which limits events to 10 days after a two-year break.

The teachers, who were eager to resume activities that had been halted in March 2020 due to the outbreak of the Covid-19 pandemic, complained that the time allotted for the events was “insufficient” and was given on short notice.

Kenya Union of Post Primary Education Teachers (Kuppet) executive Sabala Inyeni spoke on behalf of disgruntled teachers, saying tutors had received a notice from Jogoo House requiring schools to begin athletics on June 30 and end by July 7.


Mr Inyeni stated that sports teachers are concerned that the time allotted for activities that normally last several months is insufficient.

He also stated that the ministry’s sudden announcement would put a financial strain on participating schools.

The unionist, who was holding the circular, called the Ministry of Education decision sinister, ill-timed, and unfair to students, teachers, and principals.

According to the circular, whose authenticity the Nation could not immediately confirm, the national secondary and primary school athletics championships will be held on various dates from June 30 to July 7 in Kigari, Embu, and Machakos teachers training colleges.

The circular is signed on behalf of the principal secretary by AG Rukaria and cites the short academic calendar for the crush sporting programs.

It explains that on March 15, 2020, all schools were closed to prevent the spread of Covid-19, disrupting education programs, including co-curricular activities.

Mr Inyeni, on the other hand, stated yesterday that teachers in the sporting fraternity are protesting the crush program.


“It appears there are some individuals struggling to account for funds released by the Treasury for sports this year and now want to use our teachers and students as pawns in this game.”

“The circular, which is in our possession, indicates that all activities have to be concluded in a record 10 days,” said Mr. Inyeni.

Typically, these activities take two full terms, from January to August according to Inyeni.

KUPPET Protest ‘Crush Program’ of Co-Curricular Activities

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