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KNEC Warns of Fake Recruitment Advert

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KNEC Warns of Fake Recruitment Advert

KNEC Warns of Fake Recruitment Advert.

The Kenya National Examination Council (KNEC) has warned the public to be wary of a fake job opening advertised on social media platforms.

The council, in a statement, declared that the information was not issued by its recruitment department and warned the public against imposters.

The fake advert called for applications for a range of positions within the council, including Examination Officer III, Examination Officer II, Examination Officer I and Deputy Director.

The recruitment was allegedly to begin on February 15 and close on February 28, with the entire process due to be completed by 2023/2024.

In recent weeks, there have been a surge in fake job opening calls, prompting the Kenya Defence Forces (KDF) to alert the public that a post notifying of upcoming recruitment was fake.

The National Hospital Insurance Fund (NHIF) also had to issue a statement after a similar advert was circulated on social media platforms, exposing the public to the risk of being conned.

While some of the rogue advertisers are only after conning money from the applicants, in the KNEC advert, no payment was required, raising questions regarding the advertiser’s motive.

Most government agencies are advising the public to ignore third-party advertisers and to follow official and verified social media handles for accuracy. They also advise job seekers to follow updates on openings on official websites under the recruitment or jobs option.

The increasing number of fake job adverts come amid a high rate of unemployment which leaves qualified Kenyans scrambling for the few available jobs.

The lack of transparency in government recruitment processes in Kenya fuels corruption and the perpetuation of a cycle of poverty for the majority of Kenyans who cannot afford to pay bribes to secure public jobs.

The problem of fake job advertisements has become a widespread issue in Kenya, with criminals taking advantage of the unemployment rate to prey on unsuspecting job seekers.

The government needs to take action to protect citizens from these fraudulent activities by promoting transparency in job openings and adopting a more rigorous screening process.

KNEC Warns of Fake Recruitment Advert.

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