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KCPE Exam Timetable and Instructions – 2022

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KCPE Exam Timetable and Instructions - 2022

KCPE Exam Timetable and Instructions – 2022

KCPE Exam Timetable and Instructions – 2022 Download

Instructions To Supervisors And Invigilators

Supervisors and monitors must attract the candidates’ attention to the instructions and guidelines and enforce them.

Additionally, they should verify that candidates receive personalized answer papers with their exact names and index numbers.

Instructions to teachers 

Instructors must ensure that candidates comprehend the guidelines below and know the consequences of exam anomalies or misbehavior.

Candidates are expected to follow these directions carefully.


Fifteen minutes before the scheduled start time of the exam, you must be seated at your desk/table and available for searching outside the examination room.

Sessions will commence at 8.30 a.m.

A candidate who arrives late must provide an acceptable explanation to the supervisor.

An applicant who is more than a half-hour late will only receive a test paper under extraordinary circumstances.

Every paper should be submitted on time.

Ensure that your name and index number are written and crossed off appropriately on the answer page.

Verify that each page of your examination has been printed.


You may not leave the examination room before the conclusion of the allotted time for the paper unless the Supervisor grants you special permission.

No candidate so permitted to leave may take a question paper or answer sheet/script out of the examination room. 

Please do not leave a written sheet of paper or your answers in a position where another candidate can read them.

You should not provide or receive unfair aid or seek to do so, whether by copying or otherwise, and your work should not contain evidence of such assistance.

During the examination, no communication between candidates or with outsiders is permitted under any circumstances.

The only permitted materials in the examination room are the correct question papers and any other materials sanctioned by the Kenya National Examinations Council.

You must immediately return to the supervisor any exam question paper with smudges, mistakes, or poor printing.

You are not permitted to remove any used or unused paper from the examination room. Any preliminary work must be completed on the official examination paper.

Any misbehavior or disruption in or around the examination room will be considered an examination irregularity.

In examination centers, cell phones and other electronic communication devices are prohibited.

The results of any candidate caught with a mobile phone or other electronic communication devices will be voided.


In cases of examination irregularities, the offenses and penalties outlined in Sections 27 to 40 of the KNEC Act No. 29 of 2012 will apply.

Among the highlights of these sections are the following:

If a candidate commits an exam irregularity on any paper, the candidate’s results for the entire subject will be voided.

This applicant will not be awarded a grade for the subject. This will be indicated by (00).

If there is proof of widespread violations at any examination center, the entire center’s examination results will be voided.

Everyone who:

a) gains access to examination material and knowingly discloses the contents, whether orally or in writing, to an unauthorized party, whether a candidate or not, will be in violation of Section 27 of the Act and will face imprisonment for a term not to exceed ten years, a fine not to exceed two million shillings or both;

b) intentionally and deliberately damaging examination material violates Section 30 of the Act. The penalty is imprisonment for a term not to exceed five years or a fine not to exceed five million Kenyan shillings or both.

c) is not registered to take a KNEC examination but, with the intent to impersonate, present, or attempt to present himself as an enrolled candidate, will be in violation of Section 31 of the Act and shall be guilty of an offense and liable to imprisonment for a term not exceeding two years or a fine not exceeding two million shillings, or both, and shall be prohibited from taking an examination conducted by or on behalf of the Council for three years.


Please ensure that you do not commit any exam irregularities to prevent your results from being voided.

KCPE Exam Timetable and Instructions – 2022

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