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How to Find Scholarships In 2022

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How to Find Scholarships In 2022

Understanding how to find scholarships is easier than it appears.

In a nutshell, resources such as online scholarship platforms and the College Board can provide students with access to hundreds of scholarships. 

Scholarships can also be found through your high school’s guidance office or a university’s financial aid office. 

College is costly, but financial aid such as college scholarships can significantly reduce the cost of tuition. 

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Scholarships can be an excellent way to supplement your payments for college or career school because they are essentially free money that does not need to be repaid.

Finding college scholarships becomes a relatively simple process once students identify a resource that works best for them, which is usually an online platform like 

These platforms and tools can greatly improve the efficiency of your scholarship search by allowing you to easily access and apply to as many or as few scholarships as you need.

General resources for finding scholarships

There are numerous resources available to assist you in locating scholarships that meet your financial needs.

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Offices and organizations can be used as scholarship resources. First, think about using the resources at your current school. 

Speak with your guidance counselor about opportunities for high school students looking for scholarships. 

Students who are already enrolled in college or vocational school should contact their financial aid office. 

Even if the guidance or financial aid office cannot directly provide you with financial assistance, they may be able to refer you to other resources that can assist you in paying for college.

A financial aid office at a college or university may also be able to assist you in applying for federal student loans or other forms of federal student aid.

Religious or community organizations in your area may also be able to help financially.

 Adults in these organizations may be able to assist you with your scholarship search and, in some cases, connect you with financial aid award opportunities.

Websites and online platforms as scholarship resources

When looking for scholarships, online platforms such as are a more reliable source. 

Many scholarship platforms have resources readily available to assist students in their scholarship search, and they are also committed to adding new scholarships every day to expand the opportunities available to students.

This enables students to access financial opportunities from a variety of donors via a single platform, saving them both time and money. 

Students can use tools such as the filtered search to locate scholarships that are best suited to their academic interests or personal background.

Finding easy scholarships to apply for

The majority of college scholarships will have a simple application process. 

If you apply through a website or online platform, the donor will have access to the information in your profile if necessary. 

Some scholarships will also require an essay.

You may also be able to apply for financial opportunities on your own, for example, through religious or community organizations. 

In this case, you may be required to complete a short form or write a personal statement.

No-essay scholarships

In terms of the time required to apply for a scholarship, no-essay scholarships (those that do not require essays) will be the simplest to obtain. 

Scholarships that do not require an essay can be applied for using only your personal information.

However, because this is the easiest type of scholarship to apply for, there will be a large number of applicants. 

This could reduce your chances of receiving a no-essay scholarship. 

Applying to a variety of scholarships, both those requiring an essay and those that do not, will increase your chances of receiving college scholarships.

General scholarships

In terms of which scholarships will be available to the majority of students, general scholarships with few to no requirements will be the most readily available. 

These scholarships do not require you to study a specific subject or to fall into a specific demographic. 

To put it another way, they are opportunities to which anyone from any background can apply.

Essays are optional for general scholarships. 

In any case, it is worthwhile to apply for as many scholarships as you are eligible for. 

Many scholarships will be available only to very specific demographics, such as low-income coding students.

As a result, if you come across a general scholarship, you should apply regardless of whether you believe you have a chance of winning scholarship money. B

ecause all scholarships are essentially free money, apply to as many as you can.

Specialized scholarships

Not all of the scholarships in this category will be available to everyone because they are restricted by demographic or field of interest.

Every student, however, will be able to find a few specialized scholarships for which they are eligible. 

Filter tools on online platforms can assist with this.

Specific scholarships will reduce your competition because you will only be competing against students in your demographic, such as other female undergraduate nursing students. 

This method of narrowing down your competition may help you win scholarship money.

How to qualify for more scholarships

As previously stated, most students will be eligible for all general scholarships

Specific scholarships will have more stringent guidelines, such as major restrictions, which means you either qualify or you don’t.

However, by becoming more involved in your community or your school’s extracurricular activities, you may be able to increase the number of college scholarships you can apply for.

Extracurricular activities Scholarships

Athletic scholarships, for example, are typically based on your participation in a sport rather than your field of study or academic achievement. 

Recreational sports participation may qualify you for athletic scholarships.

Similarly, joining an art club may qualify you for scholarships aimed at art students. 

Some scholarships do not require you to major in a specific subject; simply having experience in a particular field or hobby is sufficient. 

Read the requirements for these scholarships carefully to ensure that your club experience or personal interest qualifies you.

Furthermore, many schools have ethnic organizations. 

Though you cannot change your family background, joining extracurricular organizations that match your demographic may open up opportunities.

Community service scholarships

Some scholarships, such as community service scholarships, have no academic or extracurricular requirements. 

You may be able to apply for these types of scholarships if you volunteer with a nonprofit organization or with any local community groups near you. 

If this type of scholarship requires an essay, you should write about the services you and your organization provided to your community.

Participating in extracurricular activities and volunteering in your community, in general, can increase the number of financial opportunities available to you.

Local Scholarships

Applying for local scholarships can help you reduce your competition. Furthermore, regional scholarships are simple to obtain because they typically do not require you to participate in any activities or study a specific field. 

You must only be a resident of the state or region specified by the scholarship.

Many online scholarship providers will let you search for financial aid opportunities based on a variety of criteria, including your location. 

Most scholarships that require you to live in a specific location will state this in the title, but there are some that appear to be general scholarships at first glance.

 In other words, you might not realize a scholarship is location-restricted until you click on it and read the description.

Scholarships are available for students of all demographics and educational levels, from high school to college.

How to find Scholarships based on demographics

Many students are able to find college scholarships that are tailored to their specific demographic. 

Consider which groups you may belong to based on your family history or personal identity. 

In order to provide support and financial aid to a specific group of students, many scholarships will be restricted by gender, ethnicity, or income level.

There are scholarships for women only in STEM fields, scholarships for African American students in medicine-related fields, and so on. 

Why Most Scholarship Applications Are Rejected

Not all scholarships with a demographic restriction will have a major or academic subject attached; some scholarships may simply be for African American students seeking higher education in general.

How to find Scholarships by field of interest

Many college students identify themselves by their major or minor. 

Academic performance can play a significant role in determining which scholarships you are eligible for. 

As previously stated, many scholarships use your academic interests to further narrow the applicant pool. 

If you plan to major in something specific, look for scholarships in that field.

One of the most common criteria used by scholarships to qualify applicants is the selection of a specific academic subject to focus on. 

It is important to note, however, that changing your academic interests is not required in order to qualify for a specific scholarship.

Scholarships are available for all majors and academic interests, even if your chosen field of study is considered niche or unpopular. 

Some academic scholarships are very specific—for example, a scholarship may only be available to students studying marine biology, which is a relatively niche major. 

If you are interested in these more specialized fields, this could be a great opportunity to apply for.

Many academic scholarships, on the other hand, are extremely broad—many scholarships only require students to major in the arts or STEM, both of which are extremely broad categories. 

An arts student could be an animator, a designer, or a songwriter in training. 

A STEM student could be a computer programmer, an electrical engineer, or any of a variety of other STEM disciplines.

How to find scholarships for high school students

Many scholarships are available to both high school and college students. 

As previously stated, your school’s guidance office may be a more useful resource for high school students. 


Ask your guidance counselor about any opportunities that your school may have for qualified students.

Consider using tools like the filtered search on online scholarship platforms to find scholarships that best match your education level and interests. 

Scholarships based on community service or athletics, for example, are less likely to consider grade level.

Scholarships for College Students: How to Find Them?

Online scholarship platforms are one of the more dependable ways for students of all grade levels to find scholarships. 

When searching by education level, extraneous results are removed, allowing students to quickly find only the most relevant scholarships.

College students can typically search by graduate or undergraduate education level, so make sure to select the option that corresponds to your grade level in college.


College students, unlike high school students, have access to their university’s financial aid office. 

This can be a great resource for other types of financial aid, as well as any scholarship opportunities with which your university may be affiliated.

Furthermore, because most college students have already decided on a major, searching for scholarships based on academic interests may be more relevant for college students. 

Professors or advisors in your major may also be able to point you in the direction of scholarship opportunities in your field of study.

How to Find Scholarships In 2022

How to Find Scholarships In 2022

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