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Head Teacher Found Dead in Ndhiwa

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Head Teacher Found Dead in Ndhiwa

Head Teacher Found Dead in Ndhiwa

In a shocking turn of events, the peaceful community of South Kanyikela was struck by tragedy when George Onyado, the esteemed head teacher of Mariwa Primary School, was found dead on Sunday morning.

The incident, believed to be a suicide, has left the town in a state of bewilderment and sorrow.

As the news spread, the police in Ndhiwa wasted no time in launching a thorough investigation into the circumstances surrounding the alleged suicide.

George Onyado was discovered hanging from a tree in his home in Nguku A village, leaving everyone questioning what could have driven him to such a desperate act.

The motive behind George Onyado’s suspected suicide remains shrouded in mystery. Neighbors, who stumbled upon the distressing scene while fetching water, were the ones to raise the alarm.

They immediately notified Moses Ongonga, the Chief of South Kanyikela location, who promptly informed the authorities.

Upon arriving at the scene, the police were taken aback. According to Chief Ongonga, the late head teacher had shown no indications of being burdened by stress or pressure.

Just the day before, he had attended church services, exuding an air of cheerfulness and normalcy. Witnesses recalled interacting with him and attested to his apparent contentment.

Unforeseen Tragedy

In a conversation with journalists, Chief Ongonga shared additional details surrounding the incident.

“The farm hand said his attention was drawn after he heard people ululating because of the death of his boss. He didn’t know his boss had died,” he said.

Oblivious to his boss’s fate, he had begun his day as usual, engaging in the regular farm chores. The sound of people ululating alerted him to the tragic event unfolding in their midst.

George Onyado, aside from his role as head teacher, had also dug a borehole to provide water for his neighbors.

Their daily routine involved fetching water from this source, which only added to the astonishment and confusion surrounding the circumstances of his death.

It appears that his demise was both unexpected and inexplicable.

To ascertain the cause of George Onyado’s untimely demise, the authorities have scheduled a postmortem examination.

The findings from this crucial procedure will shed light on the circumstances leading to his tragic end.

Head Teacher Found Dead in Ndhiwa

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