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Gusii MPs Uncover Disturbing Treatment of KCSE Candidates

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Gusii MPs Uncover Disturbing Treatment of KCSE Candidates

Lawmakers representing the counties of Nyamira and Kisii have voiced concern regarding the unsettling incidents observed while conducting the national examinations in the Gusii area.

Ten Members of Parliament (MPs) spoke to journalists on Wednesday at the Parliament Buildings in Nairobi. They expressed their displeasure that examination officials had subjected students from the two counties to dehumanizing treatment and unjust profiling, including invasive and unwarranted searches.

Unjust Treatment of KCSE Candidates

Silvanus Osoro, chief whip of the National Assembly, questioned whether certain students were being subjected to unnecessary searches because Education Cabinet Secretary Ezekiel Machogu is from the region that also produced the top KCSE school the previous year. Nyambaria Boys School achieved the highest points on the KCSE exams of 2022.

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Osoro pondered, “We are wondering whether some people want to embarrass the Education Cabinet Secretary Ezekiel Machogu since he comes from the Gusii region or some people are jealous that the region produced the best school nationally in KCSE and would see our children failing.

The South Mugirango MP referenced Nyathwoni Secondary School, where officials of the Kenya National Examinations Council (Knec) disrupted the proceedings by frogmarching the center manager.

Stripping Students Naked: A Traumatic Violation of Rights

Clive Gisairo, a member of parliament for Kitutu Masaba, stated that the alleged incidents in which students were stripped naked and subjected to unwarranted searches are not only disgusting but also traumatic and a violation of their constitutional rights.

The member of parliament remarked that the most regrettable occurrence occurred at Nyambaria Boys School, where students were purportedly undressed while being searched, and vowed that lawmakers would not remain silent in the face of this affront to students’ dignity.

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Gisairo stated, “While we recognize the significance of preserving the integrity of the examinations, we firmly maintain that this must never compromise the human rights and dignity of the students. Irrespective of their geographical origin or personal history, every student is entitled to equitable treatment devoid of dishonesty and dignity.”

Intimidating Atmosphere

Representative Doris Aburi, a woman from Kisii, claimed that some exam officials’ intrusive and excessive measures not only violate students’ fundamental rights but also foster an atmosphere of intimidation and fear, which makes it difficult for them to perform at their best on national examinations.

Members of Parliament from Gusii urged the rightful authorities, specifically Knec, to thoroughly investigate the disquieting incidents and hold those accountable for the egregious violations of students’ rights.

A demand was made for adopting rigorous protocols and guidelines to govern the administration of examinations and maintain the dignity and respect of students nationwide.

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Unjust and Unwarranted Searches in Exams

Exams are not life-or-death matters, according to Nyamira Woman Representative Jerusha Momanyi, who questioned why Knec officials were subjecting students from the region to draconian measures that would only intimidate them and negatively impact their KCSE performance.

Nyamira Woman Representative Jerusha Momanyi expressed concern over the alleged incidents involving examination officials. She questioned the officials’ motives, particularly the justification for subjecting students to the practice of stripping them naked for inspection.

Momanyi emphasized that such actions had not been observed in other regions of the country, and she asserted the determination of the lawmakers to prevent the recurrence of such incidents under their watch.

“How do you justify stripping students naked to check them? Who has sent these people to do this since we have not seen this happening in other parts of the country? We are not going to allow this to happen under our watch.”

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Patrick Osero, a member of parliament for Borabu, questioned whether schools in Nyamira and Kisii counties would have been subjected to unjust searches if they had performed poorly on the KCSE and KCPE last year.

No Similar Searches in Other Schools Across the Nation

Zahir Jhanda, a member of parliament for Nyaribari Chache, questioned why similar searches were not being conducted in other schools throughout the nation, contending that no law permits police officers in examination rooms.

Steve Mogaka, a member of parliament for West Mugirango, stated that the legislators’ unwavering dedication to promoting the welfare and rights of students in schools across the two counties and ensuring justice and equity in the examination process for all Kenyan students was evident.

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Gusii MPs Uncover Disturbing Treatment of KCSE Candidates

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