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Education Stakeholders to Meet in Nairobi for Education Reforms

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Education Stakeholders to Meet in Nairobi for Education Reforms

More than one hundred education stakeholders from across the country will convene in Nairobi on September 23 to discuss the best learning practices in higher education.

ReImagine Education Conference discussions will center on collaborative, problem-solving education reforms in Africa.

The African Leadership University (ALU) will host a conference with the theme “Developing Africa’s Next Generation of Leaders” at the Radisson Blue Convention Centre in Upper Hill, Nairobi.

The theme emphasizes the importance of problem-solving education at all levels of education in addressing Africa’s challenges.

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Education PS Belio Kipsang, Vice Chancellor Joachim Osur of Amref International University, and CEO Veda Sunassee of Africa Leadership University will attend.

The Director of Marketing at ALU, Kayta Nyangi, noted that preparations for the conference are in full swing.

She stated that the preparations are opportune for driving a collaborative discussion on how to incorporate Africa’s grand challenges into innovative learning models.

Katya expressed their readiness for the upcoming ReImagine Roundtable Event in Nairobi this month.

She noted that there had been significant interest from education experts, and they anticipated hosting a diverse group of experts who would lead discussions on innovative education, a crucial factor in addressing contemporary global challenges.

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In addition to fostering networking opportunities among the attendees, which would encompass educators, counselors, and education stakeholders from various regions of the country, the aim was to establish valuable connections that would propel educational standards to higher levels.

During the forum, attendees will get a showcase of ALU’s Innovative Learning Model, which can be employed in higher learning institutions across Africa to ignite learning skills and outcomes among students.

The Reimagine Education Conference gathers leaders, teachers, advisors, parents, insightful students, and all involved parties. It’s a forum for open talks about the present and future of education management in Africa, along with its prospects.

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Education Stakeholders to Meet in Nairobi for Education Reforms

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