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e-Citizen Fee Payment Will Lock Out Poor Students, Warns KUPPET

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e-Citizen Fee Payment Will Lock Out Poor Students, Warns KUPPET

The Kenya Union of Post-primary Education Teachers (Kuppet) is urging the government to honor a court order that suspended the directive from the Ministry of Education mandating school fee payments through the e-Citizen Portal.

Secretary General Akello Misori of KUPPET emphasized the importance of proper public participation in decisions regarding technology implementation, despite the union’s support for technological advancement.

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During a meeting with union representatives from Central Kenya in Kirinyaga, Akello expressed concerns that implementing the directive without public involvement could negatively impact students from economically disadvantaged backgrounds, potentially preventing them from accessing education.

Akello highlighted the prevalent practice in rural areas where parents pay school fees with agricultural produce, emphasizing the need for clarity on how such payments would be facilitated through the online portal.

He urged the Ministry of Education to address the issue of parents working in casual jobs to pay their children’s school fees, seeking clarification on how these transactions would be managed through the portal.

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Additionally, KUPPET called on the National Treasury to expedite the gazetting of trustees for the public service pension scheme. Chairman Amboko Miremba raised concerns about delays in this process, warning against potential mismanagement of funds if proper oversight is not established promptly.

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Miremba cautioned against clandestine attempts to manipulate trustee appointments, emphasizing the importance of transparent and efficient governance in safeguarding pension funds.

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e-Citizen Fee Payment Will Lock Out Poor Students, Warns KUPPET

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